7 Brands Using Twitter to Grow their Business

Twitter was built mainly by people before it was founded. It was a space for people to meet with the world succinct forms of their opinions and views.

Brands jumped aboard as it rose in traction and started and used the site to reach customers. It has been a go-to site for informing fans and increasing brand exposure over the last decade.

On Twitter, brands tweeting out premium content seem to see a lot of progress. So what does Twitter’s premium brand information seem like?

Here is a compilation of 10 brands that are actively tweeting out great stuff, including some in otherwise “boring” sectors.


Even if JetBlue uses the main @JetBlue Twitter account to address the support team, a related account named @LinkedInHelp is directly used by LinkedIn.

 In the standard view, LinkedIn does not use this account, and its tasks sure do not prioritize adding new fans. Over, the profile aims to have LinkedIn users a smart way via Twitter to rapidly get their tests done.

If you scroll via the main Twitter stream of that website, you can find that it is mostly just retweets of thanks and thank from thrilled users is best social proof for someone who finds themselves on the web and wonders if they still react. All of this also makes for a great strategy, as this ultimately leads to more likes and followers to their LinkedIn brand… then potentially redirecting users back to their own social platform.

A super-accurate aid and outreach staff run the LinkedIn Aid page, giving access to those in need. This may be a useful link for everybody to see replies to critical topics they may have, as the problems are solved on Twitter.

Jet Blue Airways

JetBlue fits the bill when it goes to labels that “do it” on Twitter. The JetBlue team is still going through beyond to greet consumers on Twitter, from their Twitter profile (underneath) to their squad of loyal tech support staff who answer every direct thing tweeted their way.

Only as a user you cannot receive a reply very soon when you tweet at an agency of over 16,000 staff (if at all). 

Yet JetBlue is on another level—and by figuring new ways to raise our hopes, they have done a fine job distinguishes themselves on Twitter.

Innocent Drinks

In its frequently cuddly label, we have developers Innocent Cocktails. And they’re often a brand of smoothie and juice, still, keep very far making their money foolishly.

Well, most of their messages online are not really about smoothies or cocktails at all. Sure, to develop their spoiled, cool, smart, or artistic brand identity, they use social media.

It is this Twitter policy that makes them unique it works for their fans.

DiGiorno Pizza

One of several best comedies (and indeed one of the craziest) labels to add on Twitter is DiGiorno Pizza. Their tweets seem to be mostly about pizza, but not in the grab way, who you would think.

The whole bit was funny and odd. It was an excellent marketing campaign that hops on a popular hashtag (#TheSoundofMusicLive in this case) to chime in on the favorite topic.

 The firm tweeted 38 times over the two hours of live-tweeting, earned over 44 million media views for the week, and picked over 4,000 new followers.


The media experts inside Charmin’s Twitter account are social communication bosses. So first, their tweets have their brand and are lively, jokey, and toilet comedy. TIME called them “the sexiest brand on Twitter.” in 2014.

They often use Twitter to ask their users to give answers, reply to people who tweet at them, and hop in on hashtags, in addition to tweeting out fun posts, like the hashtag #DontWorryBoutAThingCuz below.

They have also tried a series of active hashtags that allow their followers to engage on Twitter with them. #TweetFromTheSeat is their most known site, so fans will send tweets if going to the bathroom.


Another firm that allows an art out of packing a total sense into 140 characters is Forrester, a study group run for its innovative research and analysis focused on corporate technological and market heads.

Many of their tweets have cool facts or data relevant to their target fans from their tests. 

They do a terrific job of tweeting a useful fact or tidbit, having a fun photo that helps the bit of data stand out in the feed, and then refer to the gives rise. People are clicking along with their feeds who find success.

Maersk Line

Do you know that we can’t want a cool Twitter account because “annoying” is your sector? When you see Logistics Line’s Twitter page, you might lose your mind. So, to be frank: the cutest of markets is not ship freight. 

Yet still, a way to seek the charm there has been created by their media platforms team.

Maersk Line’s tweets are built on their items at work. This, for the most part, means pretty videos. It all starts with their beautiful cover shot, which at sunrise play with color or illusions.

How to Get the Most ROI from Your Twitter Growth Efforts

Twitter is great for a number of reasons, but no matter what, every business and brand should be using it to communicate with their audiences, while providing an extra level of content and engagement in the process.

To learn more about what it takes to grow a large and successful brand in 2021 and beyond, be sure to read all of the latest content being added to CompanyPartnership.com.

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