7 Email Marketing Conferences and Events Every Marketer Should Attend

Nobody is an island of knowledge. As an email marketer, attending conferences and events on email marketing gives you many unexplainable benefits. You stand to gain some knowledge from such events even as you enjoy yourself.

Email marketing events also create opportunities for you to connect to new and experienced business entrepreneurs. Such events can help you widen your horizon on knowledge as you share insights with other marketers and exchange ideas. You can understand the latest trend in the business of email marketing and make some adjustments in areas where there are lapses in your approach to your business. Skilled professionals in email marketing also attend these conferences and they release guides that can layout you some great strategies for great success.

Awesome, isn’t it? You can afford to miss out on such conferences and events. Some of these events can also be a source of inspiration for you are losing focus on the business. You can also take the event to explore a new place if you have to travel out of your vicinity. This helps you to catch some fun and enjoy yourself even while working.

We will give you 7 email marketing conferences and events that you should attend as a marketer.

Litmus Live

This is an email marketing conference packed with great strategies in this field and analytical knowledge. Through this conference, you will gain ideas on a marketing campaign that will throw your business to the limelight. This conference also offers insights on data, efficient workflow and designs in email marketing. 

Boston, London, and San Francisco are the usual venues for this conference. You should in touch with the conference website to familiarize yourself with all the details to enable you to plan for it.  

Email Innovation Summit

This conference breaks down and explains every facet email marketing. This serves as a great help to both advanced marketers and prospects in the field. One of the outstanding benefits of this conference is that it dives deep into trends in email marketing and future technologies. You will learn a lot from the term of speakers that handle topics. As a participant, you get to test emerging innovations and technology during a special session reserved for that. Taking part in this summit will teach you great strategies, trends, and technologies that will advance you in email marketing. Besides all these, attending Email Innovation Summits gives you the opportunity to earn a complimentary membership of 6 months to the special group “Only Influencers”. This is a group of top and renowned professionals in email marketing. This event holds in Nevada and London.

The Intelligent Email Gathering

Despite being new, this conference is worth attending. It creates new insight into email marketing through edge-cutting from experimental strategies. This event also features professionals who handle helpful Questions and Answers sessions in email marketing. Attending this event will leave you clear-headed over most challenges in email marketing. The conference holds in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Email Evolution Conference

This conference opens a new door for you in high tech practices such as machine learning and AI. The conference helps you to improve your marketing strategies. Practicality is a major focus in the conference as the professionals take you through a practical session on email tips and workflow design. Amazing, through this conference, you can get feedback and suggestions from the speakers because they create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thus you can notify the organizer on concepts you like the professionals to handle. The place for this event is Georgia.


This conference loads you with working strategies and workshops to enable you to step-up from your level. Bearing in mind that email marketing is never stagnant, there is a need for consistent improvement in your marketing skills. The organizers set a training day aside to give you tricks and tips for your marketing strategies. This conference takes place in Vienna, Austria. 


This conference runs for both SEO and email marketing. The conference releases actionable tactics applicable to grow marketing and SEO. Through the conference, they will place your focus on future expectations in marketing. It enables you to understand the trends and to guide you to fit in by adjusting your campaign strategies. The event runs with digital marketing professionals with sessions on innovative and forward-things technologies to inspire the participants. The conference holds in Washington. 

Content Marketing World

Content Marketing World is a conference that centers on digital marketing. It is one of the world’s biggest marketing conference. The event runs with up to 120 sessions with renowned professionals as speakers that cover many fields other than email marketing. You stand to gain a lot from Content Marketing World as its sessions spread across other horizons. Some benefits from the event include:

  • Provision of larger networking opportunities. As the conference attracts different personnel from other digital marketing, you will establish relationships with other participants from other levels of marketing.
  • Bridging of gaps between strategies for email marketing and those from other digital marketing. Through the conference, you will learn more about how to apply and integrate other digital marketing strategies into your own business for improvement. The conference also enlightens you on how you can use email on a wider range.
  • Creation of unique email contents. The conference gives you a better understanding of how to create unique email content as a part of your strategic campaign. When your contents are unique, the scribers are expectant of your emails.

Add these Marketing Events to Your List

 There is constant change in today’s world of digital marketing. As a marketer in emailing, you need to be abreast of every innovative and technological practices in email marketing. You should not be outdated on the new changes due to your inability to follow up on the trends. Attend these conferences to keep yourself on top of your game as you learn and network with professionals in the industry.  They will expose you to a better way approach in handling your business.

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