How to Get New Insurance Clients By Creating Online Resources

Generating leads is of vital importance for any business, but it can be particularly challenging for small insurance agents with the popularity of comparison sites.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t compete, it just means that you need to be more marketing savvy and offer something those sites can’t. It is crucial that you take advantage of all the available platforms to create resources that will attract new clients and show them that you’re the agent to work with. 

How Do I Get New Insurance Clients?

If you’re a local agent, it’s a good idea to take advantage of both local marketing techniques and online advertising and marketing strategies. Your website and online presence is an important way to publicize your agency and the insurance resources you have to offer. Here are a few offline methods to consider to bring in new leads, and then we’ll get into the resources you can create online. 

What Online Resources Can I Develop to Get New Insurance Clients?

The aim of all content you create is to increase awareness of your brand, services, and build trust with potential customers. Here are a few of the resources you can create: 


A blog with content that informs your clients, and potential clients, about relevant topics and answers questions they have, is an essential part of growing your online presence. By creating valuable, informative content you become more trustworthy and clients are more likely to choose to purchase from you when the time comes. Of course, by taking advantage of SEO (search engine optimization) with your blog, you will rank higher on search engines and therefore get more traffic coming to your website.

Social Media

Taking advantage of social media platforms is another crucial way to get your company name out there and bring in new insurance clients. With popular platforms, such as Facebook, allowing everyone to share content with their friends your agency’s posts could be seen by millions of people. You just have to create content that people will want to share. People want to see content that is relevant to them and up-to-date, something that will help them solve a problem or that will answer a question they haven’t been able to find a resolution to.

Make sure you are posting regularly, focusing more effort on the platforms that your potential clients use the most, and make posts that are interesting enough to make people stop scrolling and interact with your content.

It is also important to interact with your followers. If they make a comment or ask a question on your post or page, ensure that you respond promptly in such a way that will create the voice and image you wish your brand to have.

Online Advertisements

Alongside the social media, you can also create ads, or sponsored content, especially on those platforms that you deem to have the most potential for bringing in new insurance clients. Ads allow you to target specifically to your desired market with an analysis of how well the campaign is performing. If you find it has not done as well as you’d hoped, you can modify it until it reaches your targets.


You should also think about those potential clients who respond better to video marketing, rather than reading an article or blog post. In fact, Opt In Monster claims that 66% of people prefer to watch a video about a product as opposed to reading about it. You can add informative videos to your website or social media to reach that demographic and quickly answer commonly asked questions in a straightforward, conversational manner. All you need is a smartphone to film your videos and the right personality to keep people engaged and reflect your agency’s brand.  

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