Intelli-Stopper Technology Shark Tank

Intelli-Stopper Technology Shark Tank – Founder, Net Worth and Investment

Introducing Intelli-Stopper, an innovative product that made its appearance on the popular TV show Shark Tank. This cutting-edge technology invention was the brainchild of founders Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt, who embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with the hope of revolutionizing the wine industry. Although their journey had its ups and downs, their successful Shark Tank pitch showcased their determination and passion for their game-changing product.

Intelli-Stopper was born as a technology startup in 2008, backed by investors who recognized its potential to disrupt the market. The founders’ vision was to create a solution that would enable wine enthusiasts to preserve the freshness of opened bottles by pumping out the air. This simple yet effective idea caught the attention of the Shark Tank panel.

During their pitch in 2014, Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt impressed the Sharks with their unique wine preservation tool. They were seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in Intelli-Stopper, valuing the company at $2.5 million. While the Sharks acknowledged the innovation behind the product, they ultimately passed on the investment opportunity.

Undeterred by the setback, the founders rebranded their business as Wine Doctor, introducing more advanced technology to enhance the product’s capabilities. However, despite their efforts, Wine Doctor went out of business in 2018, and Intelli-Stopper disappeared from the market.

Although Intelli-Stopper is no longer available, its entrepreneurial success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring innovators and highlights the risks and rewards associated with bringing a disruptive technology solution to the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intelli-Stopper, a wine preservation tool, was pitched on Shark Tank by founders Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt.
  • The innovative product aimed to revolutionize wine preservation by pumping out the air from opened bottles.
  • Despite a successful pitch, Intelli-Stopper did not secure an investment deal with the Sharks.
  • The business was rebranded as Wine Doctor but eventually went out of business in 2018.
  • The founders’ journey showcases the risks and rewards of pursuing a disruptive technology solution.

Intelli-Stopper Net Worth and Timeline

When it comes to evaluating the success and financial standing of a business, net worth is a significant factor. In the case of Intelli-Stopper, its net worth was estimated to be $2.5 million in 2014. This valuation was based on a $250,000 offer for 10% equity on the popular TV show Shark Tank. However, the exact details regarding profits and lifetime sales are not available.

Although specific financial figures may be scarce, it is known that Intelli-Stopper generated an annual sales revenue of $350,000 in 2013. This information provides some insight into the promising growth and potential profitability of the business during its operational years.

Despite the initial valuation and positive sales revenue, the net worth of Intelli-Stopper remained relatively unchanged until its unfortunate closure in 2018. It is important to note that business valuations can fluctuate over time due to various factors such as market conditions, competition, and changes in consumer demand.

Intelli-Stopper Technology Shark Tank

Year Net Worth (in USD)
2014 $2.5 million
2013 $350,000 (annual sales revenue)
2018 N/A (out of business)

Although Intelli-Stopper had promising potential, the closure of the business in 2018 marked the end of its journey. Despite its discontinuation, the impact of Intelli-Stopper in the wine preservation industry and its innovative technology cannot be overlooked.

Intelli-Stopper Pitch on Shark Tank

Intelli-Stopper made its eagerly awaited appearance on Season 5, Episode 25 of Shark Tank in 2014. This memorable episode showcased the founders, Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt, as they confidently pitched their groundbreaking wine preservation tool to the Sharks.

The entrepreneurs entered the tank asking for a $250,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in their company. Their passion for their innovative product was evident, as they demonstrated its effectiveness in extending the lifespan of opened wine bottles. However, despite their compelling pitch, none of the Sharks decided to invest in Intelli-Stopper.

The pitch took place in Tucson, Arizona, adding a unique location element to the episode. The founders showcased their product’s potential and addressed the sharks’ concerns. Yet, their efforts did not lead to a final deal, leaving the entrepreneurs to pursue other avenues for growth.

Despite the outcome on Shark Tank, the Intelli-Stopper pitch was a significant milestone for Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt. It allowed them to share their vision with millions of viewers and garner exposure for their innovative wine preservation solution.

Intelli-Stopper Pitch Highlights:

  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 25
  • Founders: Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt
  • Investment Asking For: $250,000
  • Final Deal: No deal
  • Sharks: None
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona

While the Sharks ultimately didn’t see the potential in Intelli-Stopper, the founders remained undeterred, continuing on their entrepreneurial journey to explore new opportunities and make their mark in the wine industry.

Intelli-Stopper Founders

Intelli-Stopper, the innovative wine preservation tool, was founded by Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt in 2008. Both Chase and Bob are passionate wine enthusiasts who recognized the need for a solution to keep opened bottles of wine fresh for longer periods. Through their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication, they developed the Intelli-Stopper, a device that pumps air out of wine bottles, preventing oxidation and preserving the wine’s quality.

Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt’s expertise in both the wine industry and business management played a pivotal role in the creation and early success of Intelli-Stopper. Their commitment to providing a practical and efficient solution for wine lovers has resonated with customers and experts alike. Despite their efforts, Intelli-Stopper faced challenges along the way, leading to the business eventually going out of business in 2018.

As of now, the current net worth of Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt is unknown. However, their contribution to the wine preservation industry and their entrepreneurial journey with Intelli-Stopper remains noteworthy.

Intelli-Stopper Founders

Intelli-Stopper Key Accomplishments

One of the key accomplishments of Intelli-Stopper was being featured on Shark Tank in Season 5. This innovative product pitch showcased the cutting-edge technology invention to a wide audience, positioning Intelli-Stopper as a game-changing product in the wine industry. The entrepreneurial success story behind this technology startup captured the attention of investors and viewers alike. Although the Sharks did not invest in Intelli-Stopper, the exposure on Shark Tank provided valuable visibility and recognition.

“Appearing on Shark Tank gave us the opportunity to demonstrate how Intelli-Stopper could revolutionize wine preservation. While we didn’t secure a deal, the feedback and exposure were invaluable in terms of brand recognition and market validation.” – Chase Hoyt, co-founder of Intelli-Stopper

Featured on the renowned television show, Intelli-Stopper’s appearance on Shark Tank highlighted the founders’ relentless dedication and commitment to their investor-backed innovation. This tech innovation showcase not only demonstrated the functionality and efficiency of Intelli-Stopper but also emphasized its potential as a disruptive technology solution in the wine preservation industry.

Intelli-Stopper Key Accomplishments

The appearance on Shark Tank was a significant milestone for Intelli-Stopper, validating its unique value proposition and captivating the interest of wine enthusiasts, technology enthusiasts, and potential investors. The exposure gained from this feature opened doors to partnerships and collaborations, propelling Intelli-Stopper into the spotlight of innovation. While the journey of Intelli-Stopper has taken a different turn, its accomplishments on Shark Tank remain a testament to the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.

The Uniqueness of Intelli-Stopper

Intelli-Stopper stands out as a truly innovative wine preservation tool, offering a unique feature that sets it apart from other products in the market. What makes Intelli-Stopper truly exceptional is its visual indicator, which revolutionizes the wine preservation experience.

When using Intelli-Stopper, a small red indicator on the bottle becomes visible, indicating the presence of oxygen inside the container. This ingenious visual cue allows wine enthusiasts to easily identify if their wine bottle is still exposed to air. As soon as the air is pumped out, the red indicator disappears, providing a clear signal that the wine is now adequately preserved.

By incorporating this visual indicator, Intelli-Stopper ensures that wine lovers can enjoy their favorite wines without worrying about oxidation or spoilage. This innovative feature eliminates the guesswork associated with traditional wine preservation methods and provides a reliable and user-friendly solution for preserving the quality and flavor of the wine.

wine bottle with Intelli-Stopper visual indicator

Intelli-Stopper’s visual indicator is not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of elegance to the wine bottle. The intuitive design and functionality of this feature make it a game-changer in the realm of wine preservation.

This unique aspect of Intelli-Stopper has been retained and further improved in its rebranded version called Wine Doctor. The incorporation of the visual indicator in Wine Doctor ensures that wine enthusiasts can continue to enjoy the benefits of Intelli-Stopper while experiencing enhanced preservation capabilities.

With Intelli-Stopper’s visual indicator, wine preservation becomes a seamless and effortless process, allowing connoisseurs to savor their favorite wines with confidence.

Innovative Features of Intelli-Stopper

Intelli-Stopper, the cutting-edge wine preservation tool, offers a range of innovative features that set it apart from traditional wine stoppers. Let’s explore these features in detail:

Permanent Implantation

The Intelli-Stopper eliminates the hassle of removable earpieces by providing a permanent implantation solution. This means that once installed, you no longer need to worry about attaching or detaching any parts. It offers a seamless and convenient experience for wine lovers.

Hands-Free and Wire-Free Operation

With Intelli-Stopper, you can enjoy a hands-free and wire-free wine preservation experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome cords and wires. Simply install the stopper, and it will do its magic without any additional steps or accessories.

Kinetic Energy-Powered Functionality

Intelli-Stopper harnesses the power of kinetic energy to operate. Through small movements of your jaw while sipping wine, the stopper generates the energy it needs to function. This unique feature ensures that your wine is preserved effortlessly and efficiently.

Enhanced Connectivity

Intelli-Stopper offers enhanced connectivity options, allowing seamless integration with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Connect your wine bottle to your smartphone, tablet, or other devices to monitor and track the status of your wine preservation. Enjoy the convenience of technology at your fingertips.

These innovative features make Intelli-Stopper a game-changer in the wine preservation industry. It combines advanced technology with user-friendly design, revolutionizing how we preserve and enjoy our favorite wines.

Intelli-Stopper Innovative Features

Features Description
Permanent Implantation Eliminates the need for removable earpieces
Hands-Free and Wire-Free Operation Convenient and mobile without cords or wires
Kinetic Energy-Powered Functionality Generates power through jaw movement
Enhanced Connectivity Seamless connection to Bluetooth devices

Controversies Surrounding Intelli-Stopper

Intelli-Stopper, despite its innovative wine preservation capabilities, faced a series of controversies due to its invasive nature. The product required surgery for installation, which raised concerns about potential personal health risks and complications associated with the procedure. This sparked a heated debate surrounding the trade-offs between the convenience offered by Intelli-Stopper and the potential impact on personal well-being.

The controversy highlighted the ethical implications of integrating technology into the human body. Many questioned whether the benefits of Intelli-Stopper were worth the potential risks and sacrifices individuals may have to make to ensure the preservation of their wine. The invasive nature of the product presented a unique dilemma of balancing technological advancements with personal health and well-being.

“The invasive nature of Intelli-Stopper is a cause for concern. While the convenience it offers in preserving wine is undeniable, the potential health risks and trade-offs must be carefully considered.” – Wine Enthusiast Magazine

As discussions around Intelli-Stopper intensified, experts and consumers alike raised valid points about the long-term effects of integrating technology into our daily lives and the potential consequences for personal well-being. The controversy prompted individuals to reflect on the impact of technology on their lives and make thoughtful decisions about the adoption of invasive innovations.

Risk vs. Reward: Weighing the Trade-offs

One of the major points of contention surrounding Intelli-Stopper’s controversies was the balance between convenience and personal health risks. While the product offered a revolutionary solution for preserving wine, its invasive nature introduced significant risks that could potentially jeopardize an individual’s well-being.

The debates around Intelli-Stopper underscored the importance of carefully evaluating the impact of new technologies on our lives. It prompted discussions on the trade-offs individuals are willing to make in pursuit of convenience and technological advancements when personal health and well-being are at stake.

The Ethics of Integrating Technology with the Human Body

The controversies surrounding Intelli-Stopper brought the ethical implications of integrating technology with the human body into the spotlight. Critics argued that invasive technologies like Intelli-Stopper blurred the line between human and machine, raising concerns about the potential loss of personal agency and control over one’s body.

This heated debate opened up discussions about the risks associated with invasive technologies and the responsibility of companies and individuals to prioritize personal well-being over convenience. It also highlighted the need for informed decision-making when considering the adoption of such technologies.

Controversies Surrounding Intelli-Stopper

The Current Status of Intelli-Stopper

Intelli-Stopper, the innovative wine preservation tool, unfortunately went out of business in 2018 and is no longer available in the market. Despite its early success and appearance on Shark Tank, the company faced challenges that led to its closure. As of now, there is no public information about the current status of Intelli-Stopper.

With the absence of the company’s website or any online presence, it is unclear whether the product will make a return in the future. The founders, Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt, have also stepped back from the entrepreneurial scene, leaving little to no information about their ongoing ventures or future plans.

This turn of events reflects the competitive nature of the market and the challenges faced by startups in sustaining their businesses. While Intelli-Stopper showcased promise with its unique wine preservation technology, it ultimately could not maintain its footing in the industry. As of now, wine enthusiasts seeking a similar product will have to explore alternative options.


What is Intelli-Stopper?

Intelli-Stopper is a wine preservation tool that pumps air out of wine bottles.

When was Intelli-Stopper founded?

Intelli-Stopper was founded in 2008.

What was the net worth of Intelli-Stopper?

The net worth of Intelli-Stopper was .5 million in 2014 based on a 0,000 offer for 10% equity on Shark Tank.

Did Intelli-Stopper secure an investment on Shark Tank?

No, Intelli-Stopper did not secure an investment on Shark Tank.

What happened to Intelli-Stopper?

Intelli-Stopper was rebranded as Wine Doctor but eventually went out of business in 2018.

Who are the founders of Intelli-Stopper?

The founders of Intelli-Stopper are Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt.

Did Chase Hoyt and Bob Hoyt start any other ventures after Intelli-Stopper?

There is no information available about their ongoing ventures after Intelli-Stopper.

What are the innovative features of Intelli-Stopper?

The innovative features include permanent implantation, hands-free and wire-free operation, kinetic energy-powered functionality, and enhanced connectivity.

Did Intelli-Stopper face any controversies?

Yes, Intelli-Stopper faced controversies related to its invasive nature and potential risks associated with the installation procedure.

Is Intelli-Stopper still available in the market?

No, Intelli-Stopper is no longer available in the market as the business went out of business in 2018.

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