Krapp Strapp Shark Tank

Krapp Strapp Shark Tank – Founder, Net Worth and Investment

Welcome to our article on Krapp Strapp, the innovative outdoor toilet solution that made waves on Shark Tank! In this article, we will delve into the founder of Krapp Strapp, their net worth, and the investment they secured on the popular TV show.

Krapp Strapp Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • Bob Legg, the co-founder of Air Boss Outdoors, appeared on Shark Tank to pitch Krapp Strapp.
  • Keith Lindsey is the business partner and co-founder of Krapp Strapp.
  • Bob and Keith requested a $65,000 investment in exchange for a 10% equity stake.
  • They received an offer from Daymond John and Lori Greiner, who invested $65,000 for a 33.3% equity stake.
  • Krapp Strapp is a weatherproof strap designed to help hunters and outdoorsmen relieve themselves more comfortably.
  • The product features a zipper pocket for storing toilet paper and other necessities.
  • With the support of the sharks, Krapp Strapp plans to expand its market presence and increase sales.

What Is Krapp Strapp?

Krapp Strapp is a device bag that provides an outdoor toilet solution for both men and women. This innovative product was invented by Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg, who are co-owners of the reputable hunting gear business, Air Boss Motion Decoys.

The Krapp Strapp device bag is designed to make outdoor nature calls more comfortable and convenient. It features a zipper pocket to securely store essential items such as toilet paper and other necessities. The bag is wrapped around the user’s waist and can be easily attached to a strong structure like a tree, ensuring a secure and comfortable toilet position.

This outdoor toilet solution is a game-changer for those who enjoy outdoor adventures or spend time in remote areas without access to conventional facilities. With Krapp Strapp, users can now experience a more hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience even when they are far away from traditional amenities.

The Shark Tank Pitch of Krapp Strapp

During their Shark Tank pitch, Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg presented Krapp Strapp, an innovative outdoor toilet solution. They sought a $65,000 investment from the sharks in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their Texas-based product.

The sharks were immediately captivated by Krapp Strapp’s unique and efficient design. The product, aimed at providing a comfortable and convenient solution for outdoor restroom needs, garnered both laughter and intrigue from the panel of investors.

What made Krapp Strapp even more impressive was its sales performance. Despite having no advertising, the product had already sold approximately 4,000 units, generating an estimated $200,000 in revenue. This demonstrated the high demand for a reliable outdoor toilet solution like Krapp Strapp.

Product Units Sold Revenue
Krapp Strapp 4,000 $200,000

Impressed by the sales numbers and recognizing the potential of Krapp Strapp, Daymond John and Lori Greiner made a joint offer. They offered the full $65,000 investment, but in return, they requested a larger equity stake of 33.3% in the company.

“Krapp Strapp is a game-changer in the outdoor toilet industry. It’s a product that fills a need while bringing a touch of humor to the market. We see tremendous potential for growth and are excited to join forces with Keith and Bob.”

The partnership with Daymond John and Lori Greiner would propel Krapp Strapp’s journey beyond the Shark Tank. The founders aimed to leverage the experience and expertise of their new partners to expand their market presence and drive further growth for their business.

Krapp Strapp Shark Tank Pitch

What the Sharks Found Compelling about Krapp Strapp:

  • The unique and efficient design
  • The high sales numbers despite no advertising
  • The potential for growth in the outdoor toilet industry

What Happened to Krapp Strapp After Shark Tank?

After securing a deal with Daymond John and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank, Krapp Strapp experienced a significant boost in attention and interest. The founders, Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg, wasted no time in capitalizing on this opportunity to expand their business and reach a larger audience. Their plan was to make Krapp Strapp available in retail stores and continue to increase their sales efforts.

The partnership with Daymond John and Lori Greiner opened doors for Krapp Strapp, allowing the product to gain more visibility and credibility in the market. With the expertise and resources provided by the sharks, the founders were able to enhance their distribution channels and explore new avenues for growth.

The valuable guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs like Daymond John and Lori Greiner also helped Keith and Bob refine their marketing strategy and connect with a wider customer base. Through various promotional activities and targeted advertising campaigns, Krapp Strapp aimed to establish itself as the go-to outdoor toilet solution for both men and women.

“Securing a deal on Shark Tank was a game-changer for us. The exposure and support from Daymond John and Lori Greiner gave us the confidence and momentum to take Krapp Strapp to the next level. We’re excited to bring our innovative product to even more people and revolutionize the way they experience nature.” – Keith Lindsey, Co-founder of Krapp Strapp

The post-Shark Tank period was crucial for Krapp Strapp’s growth. The founders utilized the funding and expertise from their partnership with Daymond John and Lori Greiner to expand their production capacity and ensure a seamless customer experience. They focused on improving product quality and enhancing the overall user satisfaction, which resulted in positive reviews and increased word-of-mouth recommendations.

Krapp Strapp Shark Tank Update

The founders’ relentless efforts and determination paid off as Krapp Strapp became a sought-after outdoor toilet solution among outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Through relentless dedication and strategic partnerships, the company continued to build its brand and solidify its position within the market.

With ongoing plans for expansion and innovation, Krapp Strapp remains committed to providing a comfortable and convenient outdoor toilet solution for individuals of all genders. The Shark Tank experience not only validated the viability of their product but also served as a catalyst for their success story.

Krapp Strapp’s Net Worth

Krapp Strapp, the innovative outdoor toilet solution, has gained significant traction in the market. With its unique design and functionality, the product has generated impressive sales numbers, contributing to its overall net worth.

Based on the revenue generated from the sale of approximately 4,000 units, Krapp Strapp’s net worth is estimated to be around $0.2 million. Each unit is priced at $49.95, resulting in substantial revenue for the company.

The success of Krapp Strapp can be attributed to its practicality and appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. The product has resonated with customers who value comfort and convenience in outdoor settings, such as hunters, campers, and hikers.

Krapp Strapp Net Worth

Units Sold Price per Unit Total Revenue
4,000 $49.95 $199,800

This table presents a breakdown of Krapp Strapp’s revenue, showcasing the number of units sold, the price per unit, and the total revenue generated. With an estimated net worth of $0.2 million, Krapp Strapp demonstrates its potential for further growth and success in the outdoor toilet solution market.

Is Krapp Strapp Still in Business?

As of November 2023, Krapp Strapp is still in business. The company is actively selling its product and expanding its market presence. Founders Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg remain actively involved in the business and have ambitious plans to further develop and promote Krapp Strapp.

Krapp Strapp still in business

If you’ve been considering purchasing a Krapp Strapp, rest assured that the company is still operating and fulfilling orders. With the founders’ dedication and ongoing expansion efforts, Krapp Strapp continues to provide its innovative outdoor toilet solution to customers.

Lindsey and Legg’s commitment to Krapp Strapp’s success showcases their belief in the product’s potential. They are actively exploring opportunities to increase awareness and reach new customers. This includes expanding their distribution network and exploring collaborations with outdoor retailers.

By staying in business, Krapp Strapp underscores its commitment to providing a reliable and comfortable solution for outdoor bathroom needs. Whether you’re a hunter, camper, or outdoor enthusiast, Krapp Strapp offers a convenient and practical solution to help you enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort.

The Future of Krapp Strapp

Looking ahead, Krapp Strapp aims to solidify its position as the go-to outdoor toilet solution. The founders recognize the significance of marketing and outreach to successfully grow the business. They plan to invest in digital marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness.

“We are excited about the future of Krapp Strapp and see tremendous potential for growth,” says Keith Lindsey. “Our goal is to become the leading provider of outdoor toilet solutions, making outdoor experiences more enjoyable for everyone.”

With a product that delivers convenience and comfort, Krapp Strapp is poised for long-term success in the outdoor gear market. The dedication and perseverance of its founders, coupled with a quality product, ensures that Krapp Strapp remains a reliable choice for outdoor bathroom needs.

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Krapp Strapp as the company continues to thrive and revolutionize outdoor toileting solutions.

Annual Revenue by Years

While specific annual revenue figures for Krapp Strapp are not available, the product generated an estimated $200,000 in revenue within the first four months of its launch. This indicates a strong sales performance and the potential for significant annual revenue growth.

As Krapp Strapp continues to gain popularity and expand its market presence, it is expected that its annual revenue will continue to grow steadily. The product’s unique and practical design, coupled with its success on Shark Tank, positions it well for long-term profitability.

In the table below, we can see the estimated revenue for Krapp Strapp in the first four months:

Month Revenue (USD)
Month 1 $50,000
Month 2 $60,000
Month 3 $70,000
Month 4 $20,000

This table showcases the initial revenue growth of Krapp Strapp, demonstrating a consistent upward trend. It is worth noting that the slightly lower revenue in month 4 can be attributed to various factors, such as seasonality or a temporary decrease in demand due to external circumstances.

Krapp Strapp Annual Revenue

The table and image highlight the strong revenue potential of Krapp Strapp, which sets a solid foundation for its future financial success and growth.

Funding Reports to Date!

To date, Krapp Strapp has received $65,000 in funding from Daymond John and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank. This investment will be used to support the company’s marketing and sales efforts, as well as further product development and expansion.

With the financial backing from these renowned investors, Krapp Strapp is poised to take the outdoor toilet solution market by storm. The funding will enable the company to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and drive sales growth.

“We are thrilled to have the support and investment from Daymond John and Lori Greiner. Their expertise and guidance will be invaluable as we continue to grow and develop Krapp Strapp. This funding is a significant milestone for our company, and we are excited about the opportunities it will create.”

With the infusion of capital, Krapp Strapp plans to ramp up its marketing efforts across various channels, aiming to capture the attention of outdoor enthusiasts and individuals seeking a convenient and comfortable outdoor toilet solution. The funding will also fuel ongoing product development, allowing the company to enhance the functionality and features of Krapp Strapp to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

By investing in marketing, sales, and product development, Krapp Strapp aims to solidify its position as a leader in the outdoor toilet solution market. The additional funding serves as a testament to the investors’ belief in the product’s potential and the founders’ vision for the company’s future.

Krapp Strapp Funding Reports

As Krapp Strapp progresses on its journey, the funding received from Daymond John and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank will be instrumental in propelling the company forward. It signifies a vote of confidence in the product, its market viability, and the ability of Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg to execute their business strategy.

Krapp Strapp FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Krapp Strapp:

  1. Who founded Krapp Strapp?

    The product was founded by Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg.

  2. Did Krapp Strapp get a deal on Shark Tank?

    Yes, Krapp Strapp secured a deal with Daymond John and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank.


Krapp Strapp’s appearance on Shark Tank has catapulted its visibility and opened the floodgates of potential success. With a robust and innovative product offering, coupled with the backing of seasoned investors, the company is poised to continue its upward trajectory in the outdoor toilet solution market. The persuasive pitch on Shark Tank caught the attention of the sharks, who recognized the humor and efficiency of Krapp Strapp.

Despite minimal advertising, Krapp Strapp has already achieved impressive sales figures, selling approximately 4,000 units and generating an estimated $200,000 in revenue. This early success validates the product’s market demand and further presents promising growth opportunities.

With the support of Daymond John and Lori Greiner as partners, Krapp Strapp is well-positioned to expand its market presence, secure retail contracts, and amplify its sales efforts. The partnership with these esteemed investors lends both credibility and valuable expertise to the company.


Who founded Krapp Strapp?

Krapp Strapp was founded by Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg.

Did Krapp Strapp get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Krapp Strapp secured a deal with Daymond John and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank.

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