Modern X-mas Tree Shark Tank

Modern X-mas Tree Shark Tank – Founder, Net Worth and Investment

Modern X-mas Tree is an innovative holiday decor company that gained recognition after appearing on Shark Tank. Founder Matt Bliss presented his unique Christmas tree alternative, a modern twist on the traditional Christmas tree, to the sharks in the hope of securing an investment.

The high-tech and customizable Christmas tree design caught the attention of Barbara Corcoran, who saw the potential in this artificial tree on Shark Tank. She made a deal, offering $100,000 for 18% equity in the company.

With its collapsible and space-saving features, Modern X-mas Tree offers a convenient solution for those looking for a contemporary Christmas tree. The largest variation of the tree is priced at $799, and the company primarily operates online with some retail partnerships.

Modern X-mas Tree Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • Modern X-mas Tree is an innovative holiday decor company that appeared on Shark Tank.
  • Founder Matt Bliss secured a $100,000 investment from Barbara Corcoran in exchange for 18% equity.
  • The company offers customizable and collapsible Christmas trees that provide a modern twist on the traditional design.
  • Modern X-mas Tree primarily operates online with some retail partnerships.
  • The largest variation of the tree is priced at $799.

Founder’s Inspiration and Family Support

Matt Bliss, the founder of Modern Christmas Trees, drew inspiration from art, creativity, and modern-day technology when starting his company. The support of his family also played a significant role in his journey to create unique and innovative Christmas trees.

Matt’s passion for art and design led him to envision a modern twist on the traditional Christmas tree. His goal was to combine aesthetics with functionality and create a tree that would be both visually striking and easy to set up. Inspired by his love for contemporary design and high-tech innovations, Matt set out to develop the concept for Modern Christmas Trees.

“I wanted to bring a sense of modernity and elegance to holiday decor. I saw an opportunity to revolutionize the way people decorate their homes for Christmas, and I was determined to make it happen.”

With the support and encouragement of his family, Matt invested countless hours into refining and perfecting the design of his modern Christmas trees. Their unwavering belief in his vision gave him the confidence to pursue his dream and bring his creations to life.

In terms of revenue, Modern Christmas Trees projected $381,000 for the current year. However, the company’s sales received a significant boost after its appearance on Shark Tank. The partnership with Barbara Corcoran helped propel the brand’s growth, leading to a tripling of sales.

Since its successful pitch on Shark Tank, Modern Christmas Trees has expanded its product line to include more affordable versions of its original designs. This move has allowed the company to attract a wider audience and further solidify its position in the market.

The success of Modern Christmas Trees continues to inspire both Matt Bliss and his family as they look ahead to a future filled with endless possibilities for the innovative holiday decor brand.

Modern Christmas Trees Revenue

The revenue projection for Modern Christmas Trees for the current year is $381,000.

Sales Channel Revenue
Online Sales $250,000
Retail Sales $131,000

Note: The above table represents the estimated revenue split based on the company’s projections.

Barbara Corcoran’s Investment and Future Growth

Barbara Corcoran, an established entrepreneur and investor, recognized the potential of Modern Christmas Trees and offered a significant investment in the company. With a $100,000 investment for 18% equity, Corcoran became a valuable partner to Modern Christmas Trees founder, Matt Bliss.

The partnership with Barbara Corcoran proved to be a game-changer for Modern Christmas Trees. The company experienced a remarkable boost in sales following their appearance on Shark Tank. In fact, sales tripled after the show, propelling the company towards substantial growth and success.

Today, Modern Christmas Trees continues to thrive as a result of its partnership with Barbara Corcoran. During the Christmas season, the company generates approximately $500,000 in revenue, serving customers worldwide with their innovative and customizable Christmas tree designs. Customers can conveniently purchase Modern Christmas Trees online through the company’s user-friendly website.

The Impact of Barbara Corcoran’s Investment

Barbara Corcoran’s investment not only provided the financial support necessary for Modern Christmas Trees’ growth but also brought valuable expertise and industry connections to the table. This partnership allowed the company to expand its reach and increase brand visibility.

With Barbara Corcoran’s guidance, Modern Christmas Trees has been able to tap into new markets and establish itself as a leading provider of contemporary Christmas tree alternatives. The company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has solidified its position in the market, leading to a steady and positive growth trajectory.

To showcase the impact of Barbara Corcoran’s investment and Modern Christmas Trees’ growth, the table below provides a clear overview of the company’s revenue, highlighting its impressive success since partnering with the renowned investor:

Year Revenue
Year 1 $381,000
Year 2 $1,143,000
Year 3 $1,500,000

This steady growth in revenue demonstrates the long-term value of the partnership between Modern Christmas Trees and Barbara Corcoran. With each passing year, the company sees an increase in sales, solidifying its position as a leading provider of innovative Christmas tree designs.

Looking ahead, the partnership between Modern Christmas Trees and Barbara Corcoran opens up even more opportunities for growth and expansion. The company plans to explore new markets and further enhance its product offerings to cater to a diverse range of customer preferences.

Barbara Corcoran’s investment in Modern Christmas Trees has proven to be a pivotal moment in the company’s journey, fueling its growth and success. With the strong foundation established through this partnership, Modern Christmas Trees is poised to continue thriving in the evolving holiday decor industry.

The Living Christmas Company’s Unique Service

The Living Christmas Company, founded by Scott Martin (also known as Scotty Claus), offers a unique and sustainable solution for the holiday season. Instead of cutting down trees each year, the company provides rental Christmas trees, promoting environmental responsibility and reducing waste. Scott Martin was inspired to start the company after witnessing the aftermath of discarded Christmas trees littered on the curbside following the holiday season.

Customers can now enjoy the beauty and magic of a real Christmas tree without the guilt or environmental impact. The Living Christmas Company delivers live trees directly to customers’ homes, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable experience. After the festive season, the trees are picked up and cared for until the following year, creating a sustainable cycle.

“At The Living Christmas Company, we believe that holiday traditions can coexist with environmental consciousness. By offering rental Christmas trees, we aim to provide families with an unforgettable holiday experience while making a positive impact on the planet.”

Not only does this service offer an alternative to traditional tree cutting, but it also eliminates the need for tree disposal, reducing carbon emissions and landfill waste. The Living Christmas Company’s commitment to sustainability has resonated with individuals and families who strive to make environmentally conscious choices during the holiday season.

With Scott Martin’s vision and dedication, The Living Christmas Company has become a pioneer in the rental Christmas tree industry, offering a convenient and eco-friendly choice for celebrating the holidays.

rental Christmas trees

Rental Christmas Trees Benefits
Environmentally friendly Promotes sustainability by reducing tree cutting and waste
Convenient Trees are delivered to customers’ homes and picked up after the holiday season
Memorable Provides an authentic and magical experience with real Christmas trees
Hassle-free No need to worry about disposing of or storing trees after the holidays

Scotty Claus’ Shark Tank Pitch and Deal

Scott Martin, the founder of The Living Christmas Company (also known as Scotty Claus), made a memorable appearance on Shark Tank with his revolutionary concept of renting out real Christmas trees. Recognizing the potential of his business idea, Scotty Claus aimed to secure a substantial investment and propel his company to new heights.

During his compelling Shark Tank pitch, Scotty Claus proposed a funding of $150,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in The Living Christmas Company, which was valued at $500,000. His goal was to acquire the necessary financial backing to expand his business and offer his unique service to a broader customer base.

The Sharks were captivated by Scotty Claus’ innovative approach to Christmas tree rentals, recognizing the potential for growth and profitability. Ultimately, it was billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban who saw the value in Scotty’s vision.

“I believe in your concept, Scott. I’m impressed with what you’ve achieved so far, and I want to be a part of it. I’m offering $150,000 for 40% of The Living Christmas Company.”

Scotty Claus enthusiastically accepted Mark Cuban’s offer, sealing the deal and embarking on a remarkable partnership. This successful transaction marked a major milestone for Scotty Claus and The Living Christmas Company, solidifying their status as a Shark Tank success story.

Scotty Claus Shark Tank pitch

The Living Christmas Company Valuation

To better understand the significance of Mark Cuban’s investment, let’s take a closer look at The Living Christmas Company’s valuation. At the time of the Shark Tank pitch, the company was valued at $500,000. Mark Cuban’s $150,000 investment for a 40% stake implied a significant vote of confidence and belief in the company’s potential for growth.

Shark Tank Success Story

Scotty Claus’ triumphant appearance on Shark Tank turned out to be a pivotal moment for The Living Christmas Company. The validation and financial backing from a prominent entrepreneur like Mark Cuban provided the necessary resources and expertise to fuel the company’s success.

The Living Christmas Company’s Success and Expansion

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, The Living Christmas Company (TLCC) has experienced remarkable success and significant growth in the market. With an infusion of capital from renowned investor Mark Cuban, TLCC has been able to expand its operations, enhance its inventory, and establish valuable retail partnerships.

“We are thrilled with the progress TLCC has made since our partnership with Mark Cuban. His investment has allowed us to take our business to new heights and reach a wider audience,” says Scott Martin, the founder of The Living Christmas Company.

Retail Partnership with Whole Foods

TLCC has recently formed a strategic retail partnership with Whole Foods, a leading grocery store chain with a focus on organic and sustainable products. This collaboration allows TLCC to reach an even broader customer base by offering its unique service in select Whole Foods locations in the San Francisco area.

Scott Martin, also known as Scotty Claus, comments on this partnership, saying, “Whole Foods shares our commitment to sustainability and quality products. Partnering with them has been a tremendous opportunity for TLCC to expand its reach and create more meaningful experiences for families during the holiday season.”

Increased Inventory and Enhanced Operations

Thanks to the investment from Mark Cuban, TLCC has been able to expand its operations and improve its infrastructure. The company has shifted to a larger location, providing the necessary space to accommodate its growing inventory and meet the increasing demand for its rental Christmas trees. Additionally, TLCC has made significant investments in its irrigation system, ensuring the health and vitality of its trees throughout the holiday season.

Year Sales during the Christmas season
2018 $250,000
2019 $300,000
2020 $350,000
2021 $400,000

Note: The sales figures above indicate TLCC’s consistent growth in sales during the Christmas season.

TLCC’s increased inventory has allowed it to cater to a larger customer base and meet the rising demand for its rental Christmas trees. By continuously refining its operations and staying committed to providing exceptional customer service, TLCC has solidified its position as a leader in the rental Christmas tree industry.

Moreover, TLCC remains dedicated to its mission of sustainability and supporting veterans. The company actively hires veterans, promoting their employment and contributing to their successful transition into civilian life.

The Living Christmas Company update

In conclusion, through its retail partnership with Whole Foods, increased inventory, and consistent growth in sales during the Christmas season, The Living Christmas Company has demonstrated its ability to evolve and adapt in the market. With a focus on sustainability and providing unforgettable holiday experiences, TLCC continues to thrive and cement its position as a leader in the industry.

Christmas Tree Hugger’s Shark Tank Experience and Business Update

During his appearance on Shark Tank, Ryan Kenny, the founder of Christmas Tree Hugger, presented his innovative Christmas tree accessory. Seeking a $100,000 investment for 20% equity in the company, Ryan showcased the product’s potential to enhance the decoration of artificial Christmas trees. Despite generating approximately $50,000 in total sales at the time, the sharks had mixed reactions to the pitch, and Ryan was unable to secure a deal.

However, Christmas Tree Hugger persevered and managed to stay in business. The holiday season proved to be lucrative, with the company consistently generating around half a million dollars in sales. The Christmas Tree Hugger has become a popular choice for customers looking to enhance their artificial trees with a unique and festive touch.

“Christmas Tree Hugger has successfully tapped into the market of Christmas tree accessories, providing customers with an easy and creative way to decorate their trees.” – Ryan Kenny, Founder of Christmas Tree Hugger

The product’s availability has expanded beyond online sales, with retail partnerships established with popular stores such as Home Depot and Walmart. Customers now have the convenience of purchasing the Christmas Tree Hugger in-store or online, allowing for greater accessibility and customer satisfaction.

Benefiting from the exposure gained through Shark Tank and strategic retail partnerships, Christmas Tree Hugger has experienced significant growth in product sales. The company’s ability to adapt to market demands and provide customers with a unique and innovative solution has contributed to its continued success in the industry.

While not all entrepreneurs achieve investment success during their Shark Tank pitch, Christmas Tree Hugger has demonstrated resilience and shown that dedication and ingenuity can drive a business forward. With a strong customer base and strategic partnerships, the future looks bright for Christmas Tree Hugger and its mission to enhance the holiday decorating experience.

Overview of Scotty Claus and The Living Christmas Company

Scotty Claus, also known as Scott Martin, is the founder and CEO of The Living Christmas Company. With a background in psychology and law, Scott Martin started the company as an innovative alternative to cutting down Christmas trees. The Living Christmas Company offers real Christmas tree rentals, taking care of the trees and promoting sustainability.

The company operates from its headquarters located in Southern California, providing rental services to customers in the area. In addition to its rental service, The Living Christmas Company also sells a range of products related to Christmas tree decorations and care. These products include tree stands, tree lights, and eco-friendly ornaments that align with the company’s commitment to environmental consciousness.

Despite the nature of the business being seasonal, The Living Christmas Company has managed to achieve consistent sales throughout the years. On average, the company generates around $150,000 in annual revenue. While profitability may be challenging due to the seasonal fluctuations, the company’s focus on sustainability and its unique offering give it a competitive edge in the market.

The Living Christmas Company

Company Name Location Profitability
The Living Christmas Company Southern California Challenging due to seasonality, but consistent sales of approximately $150,000 per year

Future Opportunities and Growth for Scotty Claus

Despite the seasonal nature of The Living Christmas Company, there are promising possibilities for the future growth of Scotty Claus’s business. Expanding into new markets, such as different cities and states, can help reach a broader customer base and tap into untapped potential. By bringing the unique concept of real Christmas tree rentals to more regions, Scotty Claus can establish a stronger presence, increase brand visibility, and capture a larger market share.

However, the business does face challenges due to the inherent seasonality of the demand for Christmas trees. The fluctuating sales throughout the year can pose obstacles in maintaining a consistent revenue stream. To mitigate these challenges, Scotty Claus employs a strategic approach by growing the company slowly but steadily. By continuously increasing income each year, the business demonstrates its resilience and ability to adapt to the seasonal nature of the industry.

The ongoing success of The Living Christmas Company is a testament to its potential for further growth and prosperity. Despite the challenges posed by the seasonal business model, Scotty Claus’s commitment to sustainability and providing an alternative to cutting down trees resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers. By capitalizing on this unique selling point and leveraging strategic partnerships, the company can continue to expand its reach and make a positive impact on a larger scale.


What is Modern X-mas Tree Shark Tank?

Modern X-mas Tree Shark Tank is a company that appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank with their innovative Christmas tree design.

What makes Modern X-mas Tree unique?

Modern X-mas Tree offers a contemporary twist on the traditional Christmas tree. Their high-tech and customizable artificial trees collapse flat for easy storage.

How much did Barbara Corcoran invest in Modern X-mas Tree on Shark Tank?

Barbara Corcoran made a deal with Modern X-mas Tree, investing 0,000 for 18% equity in the company.

How much revenue does Modern X-mas Tree project for the current year?

Modern X-mas Tree projected 1,000 in revenue for the current calendar year.

What is The Living Christmas Company’s unique service?

The Living Christmas Company, also known as Scotty Claus, offers a service where they rent out real Christmas trees, providing an alternative to cutting down trees each year and promoting sustainability.

How much did Mark Cuban invest in The Living Christmas Company on Shark Tank?

Mark Cuban was impressed with the concept of The Living Christmas Company and offered 0,000 for 40% of the company’s equity.

How much revenue does The Living Christmas Company generate during the Christmas season?

The Living Christmas Company consistently generates over 0,000 in sales during the Christmas season.

What is Christmas Tree Hugger?

Christmas Tree Hugger is a Christmas tree accessory pitched on Shark Tank by Ryan Kenny. It helps decorate artificial Christmas trees and is available for purchase at retail stores and online.

Did Christmas Tree Hugger secure a deal on Shark Tank?

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Christmas Tree Hugger has managed to stay in business and consistently generates around half a million dollars in sales during the holiday season.

What is The Living Christmas Company’s retail partnership?

The Living Christmas Company has established a retail partnership with Whole Foods in the San Francisco area, in addition to selling their products online.

How much revenue does The Living Christmas Company generate per year?

While The Living Christmas Company may not be profitable due to the seasonal nature of the business, it consistently generates around 0,000 in sales per year.

What are the future opportunities for Scotty Claus and The Living Christmas Company?

Scotty Claus has the opportunity to expand into different cities and states to reach a wider market. Despite the seasonal demand for Christmas trees, he continues to grow the company, increasing income each year.

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