ODR Sled Dogs Shark Tank

ODR Sled Dogs Shark Tank – Founder, Net Worth, and Investment

ODR Sled Dogs, a company known for its innovative sled dog gear, made waves when it appeared on Season 12 of Shark Tank. Kevin Greco, the founder and owner of ODR Sled Dogs, pitched his business to the panel of esteemed Sharks in hopes of securing an investment. While the Sharks were impressed by the company’s impressive sales figures and innovative products, Kevin did not manage to secure a deal.

Despite this setback, ODR Sled Dogs has continued to thrive and has seen remarkable success in the market. The company now boasts a net worth of over $2 million, a testament to the quality and popularity of its sled dog products.

ODR Sled Dogs Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • ODR Sled Dogs appeared on season 12 of Shark Tank, showcasing its innovative sled dog gear.
  • Despite not securing an investment deal, ODR Sled Dogs has a market net worth of over $2 million.
  • The company’s continued success reflects the quality and popularity of its sled dog products.
  • Kevin Greco, the founder and owner, remains committed to growing ODR Sled Dogs in the market.
  • ODR Sled Dogs’ Shark Tank appearance served as a valuable opportunity for exposure and brand recognition.

The ODR Skis Company and its Launch

ODR Sled Dogs, also known as ODR Skis, was launched by a community of passionate riders. Kevin Greco, the current owner, initially joined the company as a salesperson and eventually acquired the firm. ODR Skis specializes in designing and manufacturing lightweight ski boot blades that integrate ice skating skates and skiing gear. The products are known for their compact design and ease of transportation, providing a safe and smooth skiing experience.

Under Kevin Greco’s leadership, ODR Skis has gained recognition in the ski gear industry for its innovative and high-performing products. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ODR Skis delivers ski gear that meets the needs of both enthusiasts and newcomers.

One of the distinguishing features of ODR Skis is its lightweight ski boot blades. These blades are designed to provide a seamless transition between ice skating and skiing, allowing skiers to effortlessly glide on various terrains. The compact design of the blades also makes them easy to transport, enhancing convenience for skiers.

ODR Skis has established itself as a trusted brand among ski enthusiasts, known for its emphasis on durability, safety, and performance. By combining the elements of ice skating skates and skiing gear, ODR Skis has created a unique product that offers a thrilling and enjoyable skiing experience.

At ODR Skis, we believe that skiing should be an exhilarating and accessible activity for everyone. Our lightweight ski boot blades enable skiers to effortlessly glide on snow and ice, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable adventure. We are committed to delivering exceptional ski gear that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

With a dedicated community of riders and passionate customers, ODR Skis continues to push the boundaries of ski gear innovation. As the company expands its product line and explores new design possibilities, skiers can look forward to even more exciting and transformative experiences on the slopes.

Shark Tank Appearance and Outcome

During his Shark Tank pitch, Kevin Greco, the founder of ODR Sled Dogs, showcased impressive sales figures, including $660,000 in 2017 and $997,000 in the following year. His innovative sled dog gear and passionate presentation left a lasting impression on the Sharks.

However, despite the positive reception, Greco did not receive an investment deal from the Sharks. While it may have been disappointing, it did not deter ODR Sled Dogs from achieving success on its own.

In 2021, ODR Sled Dogs estimated its annual revenue to be an impressive $2.5 million, proving that the company has become a formidable player in the sled dog gear market.

Kevin Greco’s pitch on Shark Tank showcased the potential of ODR Sled Dogs, but the investment deal eluded him. Nevertheless, the company’s continued growth and success reflect the quality and innovation of their products.

ODR Sled Dogs Sales Figures

Year Sales
2017 $660,000
2018 $997,000

Shark Tank

ODR Skis Today

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, ODR Skis has expanded its product offerings and continues to thrive in the market. In addition to their popular sled dog gear, the company now sells a range of accessories, catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. With a market net worth of over $2 million, ODR Skis has become a recognized name in the industry.

ODR Skis has successfully established a global community of customers, with a presence in 41 countries. Their dedication to providing high-quality products has contributed to their ongoing success and revenue growth. As passionate adventurers themselves, the team at ODR Skis understands the importance of reliable gear and continually strives to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has been key to their achievements. By expanding their product line, ODR Skis has not only attracted new customers but also retained a loyal following. Their range of accessories complements their sled dog gear, offering customers a comprehensive selection of products for their outdoor adventures.

The perseverance and success of ODR Skis highlights the resilience of the company and its founder, Kevin Greco. While Shark Tank may not have granted them an investment deal, it served as a platform for exposure and fueled their determination to succeed independently. ODR Skis’ market worth and continued growth stand as a testament to their ability to thrive despite the challenges.

ODR Skis remains committed to their mission of providing top-quality products to outdoor enthusiasts. With their strong online presence and a dedicated community of customers, their future looks promising. As they continue to expand their business and explore new opportunities, ODR Skis is poised to make a lasting impact in the ski gear industry.

ODR Skis accessories

The Expansion of ODR Skis’ Product Line

ODR Skis’ commitment to meeting customer needs and their dedication to innovation have led to the expansion of their product line. In addition to their renowned sled dog gear, ODR Skis now offers a wide range of accessories for outdoor enthusiasts. These accessories not only enhance the skiing experience but also provide practical solutions for adventurers.

  • Backpacks and equipment bags for convenient storage and transportation of gear.
  • Ski bindings and boot accessories for improved performance and safety on the slopes.
  • Winter apparel, including jackets, gloves, and hats, to keep adventurers warm and protected in cold weather conditions.
  • Ski maintenance tools and equipment for proper care and upkeep of ski gear.
  • Protective gear, such as helmets and goggles, to ensure the safety of skiers.

ODR Skis’ expansion into these accessory categories reflects their commitment to being a comprehensive provider of outdoor gear. By offering a diverse range of products, they cater to the needs and preferences of their global customer base. Each accessory is designed with the same attention to detail and focus on performance that has made ODR Skis a trusted name in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction and Ongoing Success

The success of ODR Skis can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. By prioritizing quality, performance, and innovation, they consistently deliver products that meet and exceed customer expectations. The positive feedback from their customers speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to excellence.

“I’ve been using ODR Skis’ sled dog gear and accessories for years, and they never disappoint. The build quality and attention to detail are outstanding. I wouldn’t trust any other brand for my outdoor adventures.” – Sarah, avid skier and adventurer

ODR Skis’ ongoing success is also a result of their active engagement with their global community. Through their website and social media channels, they keep customers informed about their latest products, updates, and promotions. This open line of communication allows for direct feedback and ensures that ODR Skis remains responsive to their customers’ needs and preferences.

The combination of innovative products, customer satisfaction, and their expanding market presence has positioned ODR Skis as a prominent player in the ski gear industry. As they continue to grow their business, their dedication to providing exceptional gear and accessories remains unwavering. ODR Skis is an emblem of success in the outdoor adventure market, proving that determination and a commitment to quality can lead to remarkable achievements.

ODR Skis Products

ODR Skis offers a diverse range of ski gear and accessories, catering to both experienced enthusiasts and newcomers to the sport. Whether you’re seeking high-performance equipment or reliable gear for your sled dogs, ODR Skis has you covered. Let’s take a closer look at some of their popular products:

1. RD 43 Ski Gear for Enthusiasts

The RD 43 ski gear is designed for passionate skiing enthusiasts who crave exceptional performance and superior comfort. These skis are meticulously crafted to provide maximum stability and control on the slopes, allowing you to push your limits with confidence. With their cutting-edge technology and durable construction, the RD 43 skis deliver an unparalleled skiing experience.

2. Eclipse Ski Gear for Newcomers

If you’re new to skiing or looking for reliable gear to hone your skills, the Eclipse ski gear is the perfect choice. Engineered with a focus on ease of use and adaptability, these skis offer a balanced combination of stability and maneuverability. The Eclipse line of ski gear is designed to help beginners develop their skiing technique while ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the snow.

ODR Skis takes pride in its commitment to quality and innovation. Their products are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of advanced materials. When you choose ODR Skis, you’re investing in ski gear that will elevate your performance and enhance your enjoyment on the slopes.

ODR Skis competes with other renowned ski gear brands in the industry, such as Home School Outwear and DPS Skis. However, their unique combination of functionality, reliability, and affordability sets them apart from the competition.

Product Description
RD 43 Ski Gear Designed for skiing enthusiasts, providing exceptional performance and comfort.
Eclipse Ski Gear Perfect for newcomers, offering stability, maneuverability, and ease of use.

ODR Skis on Shark Tank – Valuation and Long-Term Success

ODR Skis, previously known as ODR Sled Dogs, appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank to seek investment and validation for their innovative products. Despite not securing a deal, the company has experienced remarkable long-term success and growth, expanding its product line and establishing a strong online presence.

During its appearance on Shark Tank, ODR Skis was valued at $3.5 million. However, the current estimated valuation stands at $2.5 million. While the company may not have received the desired investment, its ability to thrive and achieve a significant market net worth showcases the resilience and potential of the brand.

“Although we didn’t secure a deal on Shark Tank, we believe in the value and quality of our products. We’re committed to fulfilling orders and meeting customer demand through our online store.” – Kevin Greco, Owner of ODR Skis

ODR Skis continues to fulfill orders through its online store, ensuring that customers around the world have access to their high-quality ski gear and accessories. Despite the initial setback, the company remains focused on its long-term vision and is dedicated to providing exceptional products to its global customer base.

ODR Skis on Shark Tank

Shark Tank Appearance Valuation Investment Long-Term Success
Season 12 $3.5 million No deal Continued growth and expansion

The Shark Tank experience and exposure have undoubtedly contributed to the growth of ODR Skis. While a deal was not secured, the show provided the company with valuable visibility and introduced their products to a wide audience. This exposure has resulted in increased interest and sales for ODR Skis, reinforcing the brand’s position within the ski gear industry.

Looking ahead, ODR Skis has ambitious plans for growth and expansion. The brand aims to further establish itself as a leader in the industry, continuously innovating and delivering top-notch products to its customers. With its resilient spirit and commitment to excellence, ODR Skis is poised to achieve even greater success in the future.

The Impact of Shark Tank

Despite not securing an investment deal, ODR Sled Dogs benefited from the exposure gained through its appearance on Shark Tank. The show served as a free advertisement, reaching millions of potential customers. This increased visibility led to a boost in sales for ODR Skis, helping the company to grow and succeed.

Shark Tank Exposure

Shark Tank, a popular television show featuring aspiring entrepreneurs, has become a platform for businesses to gain widespread recognition and attract new customers. ODR Sled Dogs, the company behind ODR Skis, capitalized on their appearance on the show to showcase their innovative ski gear and sled dog products.

“The exposure we received from Shark Tank was invaluable for our brand. It put us in front of millions of potential customers who may not have discovered us otherwise,” said Kevin Greco, the founder of ODR Sled Dogs.

The exposure from Shark Tank not only generated immediate interest and sales but also had a lasting impact on ODR Skis’ growth trajectory. The increased visibility helped the company establish credibility within the ski gear industry and solidify its position as a trusted brand among outdoor enthusiasts.

The Power of National TV Exposure

Appearing on Shark Tank provided ODR Sled Dogs with a unique opportunity to showcase their products and share their brand story with a wide audience. The national television exposure allowed ODR Skis to reach potential customers who may have never come across their products otherwise.

The Shark Tank effect extended beyond the initial airing of the episode. After the show’s broadcast, ODR Skis experienced a surge in website traffic and online sales, indicating a significant increase in brand awareness and interest. The exposure garnered from Shark Tank translated into tangible results, driving revenue growth and expanding ODR Skis’ customer base.

Building Trust and Credibility

Being featured on Shark Tank also helped ODR Skis build trust and credibility among consumers. The endorsement from the show’s panel of successful entrepreneurs and industry experts lent credibility and validation to the quality and innovation of ODR Skis’ products.

Customers often seek reassurance before making a purchasing decision, especially when investing in specialized outdoor gear. The exposure gained from Shark Tank reassured potential customers that ODR Skis’ products were worthy of consideration and instilled confidence in the brand.

The Ripple Effect on Sales

The exposure gained from Shark Tank had a profound impact on ODR Skis’ sales. The increased visibility led to a surge in inquiries, orders, and ultimately, revenue. Customers who discovered ODR Skis through the show were not only captivated by the unique design and functionality of their ski gear but also intrigued by the brand’s story and Shark Tank appearance.

“Our sales skyrocketed after Shark Tank aired. The exposure brought a wave of new customers, and we experienced a significant boost in sales that continued long after the show concluded,” shared Kevin Greco.

The influence of Shark Tank extended beyond immediate sales. The exposure helped ODR Skis establish a loyal customer base, leading to repeat purchases and organic word-of-mouth marketing. The show’s endorsement served as a stamp of approval, solidifying ODR Skis’ reputation and accelerating their growth trajectory.

Overall, ODR Sled Dogs’ appearance on Shark Tank proved to be a valuable opportunity for the company, despite not securing an investment deal. The exposure gained through the show catapulted ODR Skis into the spotlight, resulting in increased sales, heightened brand awareness, and long-term success.

ODR Skis’ Online Presence

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to thrive. ODR Skis understands this well and has established a robust online presence to connect with its customers and provide easy access to its products and services.

At ODR Skis, customers can conveniently browse and purchase their innovative ski gear and accessories through the company’s online store. The website, ODR Skis – ODR SKIS, offers a wide range of options for customers to choose from, ensuring that they can find the perfect gear to enhance their skiing experience.

But ODR Skis’ online presence goes beyond just a website. The company also recognizes the power of social media in reaching and engaging with its customer base. ODR Skis maintains an active social media presence, particularly on Instagram, to keep customers informed about their latest offerings, updates, and special promotions.

Through their social media channels, ODR Skis shares captivating visuals and engaging content related to their ski gear and the overall skiing experience. This not only allows the company to showcase their products but also helps to build a sense of community among their customers.

By leveraging the online store and social media platforms, ODR Skis ensures that customers have multiple avenues to interact with their brand and stay connected. Whether it’s exploring the website’s extensive product catalog or keeping up with the latest news and updates on social media, ODR Skis prioritizes providing a seamless and enjoyable online experience for their customers.

“At ODR Skis, we believe in the power of technology and digital platforms to connect with our customers. Our online store and social media presence allow us to showcase our innovative ski gear and engage with our passionate skiing community,” says Kevin Greco, the owner of ODR Skis.

With its well-rounded online presence, ODR Skis aims to not only attract new customers but also nurture existing relationships. By staying connected online, the company can listen to customer feedback, address any concerns, and continuously improve their products and services.

Overall, ODR Skis’ online presence serves as a key component of their business strategy, enabling them to reach a wider audience, promote their products effectively, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

ODR Skis Online Presence

ODR Skis and the Future

ODR Skis is poised for a promising future with its relentless focus on growth and expansion. Building upon its dedicated community of customers and ongoing success, the company aims to solidify its position as a leader in the ski gear industry. With a commitment to innovation and delivering high-quality products, ODR Skis has established a strong foundation for its global customer base.

As part of its future plans, ODR Skis intends to further expand its product line, offering even more ski gear and accessories to meet the evolving needs of skiing enthusiasts. By anticipating and adapting to industry trends, the company aims to stay at the forefront of product innovation and continue providing exceptional experiences to its customers.

Furthermore, ODR Skis is actively exploring avenues for growth, such as strategic partnerships and collaborations with other key players in the ski gear industry. By leveraging these opportunities, the company aims to expand its reach, tap into new markets, and strengthen its position as a go-to brand for ski enthusiasts worldwide.

With its unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement, ODR Skis is on track to achieve its future goals and aspirations. By staying true to its core values and passion for skiing, the company is set to shape the future of the ski gear industry and become a trusted companion for every skiing adventure.


What is ODR Sled Dogs?

ODR Sled Dogs, also known as ODR Skis, is a company specializing in innovative sled dog gear and ski accessories.

Who is the owner of ODR Sled Dogs?

Kevin Greco is the owner of ODR Sled Dogs.

Did ODR Sled Dogs appear on Shark Tank?

Yes, ODR Sled Dogs appeared on Season 12 of Shark Tank.

Did ODR Sled Dogs secure an investment from the Sharks on Shark Tank?

No, ODR Sled Dogs did not secure an investment deal from the Sharks on Shark Tank.

What is the net worth of ODR Sled Dogs?

ODR Sled Dogs has a market net worth of over million.

What products does ODR Sled Dogs offer?

ODR Sled Dogs offers a range of sled dog gear, ski boot blades, and ski accessories.

How can I purchase ODR Sled Dogs products?

ODR Sled Dogs products can be purchased through their official website.

How has ODR Sled Dogs grown since appearing on Shark Tank?

ODR Sled Dogs has experienced long-term success and growth, with an estimated annual revenue of .5 million in 2021.

What is the impact of Shark Tank on ODR Sled Dogs?

ODR Sled Dogs benefited from increased exposure and gained a boost in sales as a result of their appearance on Shark Tank.

Where can I find ODR Sled Dogs online?

ODR Sled Dogs operates an online store and maintains a strong presence on their official website and social media platforms.

What are ODR Sled Dogs’ future plans?

ODR Sled Dogs aims to continue growing its business and expanding its product line to serve its global customer base.

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