QBall Shark Tank

QBall Shark Tank – Founder, Net Worth, and Investment

QBall, the innovative wireless microphone, made waves on the hit TV show Shark Tank, captivating both the sharks and the audience with its unique design and impressive features. In this article, we will delve into the details of QBall’s appearance on Shark Tank, its founder, net worth, and the investment it secured.

QBall Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • QBall, the wireless microphone with a throwable design, appeared on Shark Tank.
  • Founder Shane Cox secured a $300,000 investment from three sharks.
  • The investment enabled QBall to generate $3.9 million in revenue over two years.
  • QBall’s design and battery-saving features make it popular in the educational setting.
  • The continued success of QBall post-Shark Tank showcases its lasting impact.

The Innovative Design of QBall

QBall is a wireless microphone enclosed in a throwable foam ball. It is designed to be thrown, passed, or rolled, making it ideal for audience participation in various settings such as schools, conferences, and events. The foam ball is soft, light, and durable, ensuring the safety of the device.

QBall’s innovative design combines the functionality of a wireless microphone with the engagement of a throwable object. This unique combination captivates the attention of users and encourages active participation. Teachers can easily pass the QBall microphone to students, promoting a dynamic learning environment.

The QBall wireless microphone features advanced technology that ensures clear and crisp audio transmission. The microphone captures sound with precision, delivering high-quality audio to the audience. It is an excellent tool for public speaking, presentations, and interactive discussions.

One of the standout features of QBall is its battery-saving function. When the microphone is thrown or in flight, it automatically switches off to prevent any unintended sounds. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted audio experience. Additionally, if no motion is detected for 10 minutes, the QBall enters a low power mode, preserving battery charge and maximizing usage time.

The design and functionality of QBall have made it immensely popular among teachers and students. Its throwable nature fosters engagement and participation, while the wireless capabilities allow for freedom of movement. QBall revolutionizes the way students interact with audio equipment, making learning more interactive and enjoyable.


“QBall has transformed the way I teach. The ability to pass the microphone around the class has resulted in more active participation and improved student engagement.”
– Sarah Thompson, 5th-grade teacher

“The QBall wireless microphone is a game-changer. It’s easy to use, durable, and the battery-saving feature is a lifesaver. My students love using it, and it has greatly enhanced the learning experience in my classroom.”
– David Rodriguez, High School Teacher

QBall Design Features Description
Throwable Foam Ball Enclosed in a soft and durable foam ball, QBall is designed to be thrown, passed, or rolled, making it ideal for interactive activities.
Wireless Functionality QBall operates wirelessly, allowing teachers and presenters to freely move around the room without any limitations.
Clear Audio Transmission With advanced audio technology, QBall ensures crystal-clear sound transmission, delivering high-quality audio to the audience.
Battery-Saving Function The battery-saving function of QBall automatically switches off when in flight and enters a low-power mode if no motion is detected for 10 minutes, conserving battery charge.

QBall’s Success on Shark Tank

Shane Cox, the founder of QBall, pitched the product on Shark Tank and received a $300,000 investment from Mark, Lori, and Rohan. The sharks were impressed by Shane’s innovative product and its potential in educational settings.

“QBall has the potential to revolutionize classroom participation and engagement. I see great value in this product and believe it can make a significant impact in educational institutions.” – Mark, Shark Tank investor

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, QBall has experienced remarkable success. The investment and exposure from the show helped catapult QBall into a successful and thriving business. Over the past two years, QBall has generated a total revenue of $3.9 million, solidifying its position in the market.

The QBall pitch on Shark Tank not only secured crucial investment but also brought significant attention and credibility to the brand. This exposure enabled QBall to reach a wider audience and establish its reputation as a trustworthy and innovative product.

QBall's Success on Shark Tank

This table showcases the individual investments made by each shark and emphasizes their belief in QBall’s potential. The collective investment of $300,000 provided QBall with the necessary capital to fuel its growth and expand its reach.

QBall’s Impact in the Classroom

QBall has revolutionized classroom dynamics, with its unique design and interactive features leading to increased engagement and participation among students. The introduction of QBall in the classroom has created a buzz and fostered a more interactive and collaborative learning environment.

The novelty factor of QBall, with its throwable foam ball design, has made it a favorite among students. The excitement and fun associated with tossing and catching the QBall microphone have encouraged students to actively participate in classroom discussions. The simple act of passing the QBall from one student to another has transformed mundane lessons into dynamic conversations and debates.

QBall in the classroom

One of the significant advantages of using QBall is its ability to enhance classroom acoustics. Teachers have found that the wireless microphone improves sound quality, making it easier to hear and understand students’ contributions, even from the back of the room. This feature is especially beneficial for shy or soft-spoken students who may struggle to be heard in a traditional classroom setup.

“QBall has revolutionized my teaching experience. The students are more eager to participate, and the improved classroom acoustics have made a noticeable difference in their engagement and learning.”

— Sarah Johnson, High School Teacher

Studies have shown that good acoustics in the classroom positively impact communication between students and teachers. With QBall, educators can create an environment that fosters active listening and effective communication, resulting in deeper learning and increased student achievement.

The impact of QBall in the classroom is undeniable. Not only does it inspire greater student engagement and participation, but it also empowers teachers to create a more inclusive and collaborative learning environment. By harnessing the power of technology and innovation, QBall has become an invaluable tool for educators seeking to enhance classroom dynamics and elevate the overall learning experience.

Benefits of QBall in the Classroom Examples
Increased student engagement Students actively participating in discussions, debates, and group activities
Improved classroom acoustics Enhanced sound quality, particularly for shy or soft-spoken students
Facilitated collaboration Students passing the QBall to share ideas and contributions
Opportunities for inclusive learning Ensuring every student has a voice and can actively participate

QBall’s impact in the classroom goes beyond a simple microphone. It has the power to transform traditional teaching methods, encouraging a more dynamic and student-centered approach to education.

The Journey of QBall Before Shark Tank

Before its appearance on Shark Tank, QBall had already embarked on an impressive journey, showcasing its potential and gaining traction in the market. The invention of QBall by Shane Cox was driven by the desire to address the challenges faced in classrooms.

Intrigued by the idea of a throwable foam ball that also served as a wireless microphone, Shane took QBall to trade shows and schools, introducing it to educators and students. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and pre-Shark Tank sales reached an impressive figure of over $175,000.

To further fuel the growth of QBall, Shane turned to crowdfunding and launched a highly successful Indiegogo campaign. Originally aiming to raise $30,000, the campaign exceeded all expectations, raising over $45,000 in funding. This campaign not only provided essential financial support but also helped spread awareness of QBall to a wider audience.

These early successes laid the solid foundation for QBall’s journey on Shark Tank, demonstrating its market viability and capturing the attention of investors and consumers alike.

Key Milestones Before Shark Tank Details
Trade Show Presentations Introduced QBall to educators and received positive feedback
School Trials Conducted trials in schools, generating over $175,000 in sales
Indiegogo Campaign Raised over $45,000 to support product development and marketing

QBall’s Manufacturing and Pricing

One of the key factors contributing to the success and popularity of QBall among educational institutions is its cost-effective manufacturing and pricing. Each QBall is manufactured at a cost of just under $55, allowing for a good profit margin. This enables the company to offer the product at a selling price of $180, ensuring it remains competitive in the market.

Schools are the main buyers of QBall, accounting for 90% of the product’s sales. The affordable pricing, combined with the unique design and functionality, has made QBall a preferred choice for educators looking to enhance classroom engagement and participation.

The cost-effective manufacturing and pricing strategy of QBall has enabled the company to gain a strong foothold in the education sector, capturing a significant market share and establishing itself as a trusted brand among teachers and schools.

Comparison of QBall Manufacturing Cost and Selling Price

Manufacturing Cost Selling Price
$55 $180

QBall manufacturing and pricing

QBall Alternatives and Competition

When it comes to wireless microphones, QBall stands out from the crowd with its unique design and features. While there are other wireless microphones available on the market, none offer the same throwable functionality as QBall. This distinctive feature sets QBall apart and has contributed to its success and popularity among teachers and schools.

QBall is specifically designed to be thrown, passed, or rolled, making it ideal for audience participation in various settings such as schools, conferences, and events. The throwable functionality of QBall engages students and encourages active participation, creating a more interactive learning environment.

Unlike traditional wireless microphones that need to be held or placed on a stand, QBall allows for easy passing and sharing among participants, promoting inclusivity and collaboration. Its soft and durable foam ball design ensures safety while maintaining sound quality.

The uniqueness of QBall’s design makes it difficult to find direct alternatives or competitors in the market. Teachers and educators looking for a throwable microphone specifically may find it challenging to find a product that matches the functionality and features of QBall.

To illustrate the distinctive features of QBall compared to other wireless microphones, here is a comparison table:

QBall Competitor A Competitor B
Throwable Functionality
Wireless Range 80 ft 100 ft 120 ft
Battery Life 8 hours 10 hours 12 hours
Audio Quality High Medium High

The above table demonstrates QBall’s unique selling points, including its throwable functionality, wireless range, battery life, and audio quality. While Competitor B offers similar audio quality, it lacks the throwable functionality that QBall provides.

QBall’s innovative design and features have positioned it as a leading choice in the market for throwable wireless microphones. Its success and popularity among teachers and schools further emphasize the lack of viable alternatives or direct competitors. QBall continues to provide a unique solution to enhance classroom engagement and participation.

QBall Alternatives Image

QBall’s Continued Success and Growth

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, QBall has continued to experience remarkable success and steady growth in the educational market. The company has remained active, consistently generating annual revenue of over a million dollars. The positive reception and demand for QBall’s innovative product have propelled the company’s growth post-Shark Tank.

One of the key factors contributing to QBall’s expansion is its integration with Alexa, the popular voice-controlled virtual assistant developed by Amazon. Through this integration, QBall has enhanced its functionality and expanded its market reach. Teachers and students can now enjoy the convenience and ease of using QBall through voice commands, creating a seamless and interactive learning experience.

The success of QBall post-Shark Tank is a testament to the lasting impact the product has had in educational settings. Its unique design, wireless capabilities, and battery-saving function have made it popular among teachers and students alike. QBall’s continuous growth in revenue and integration with Alexa highlight its ability to innovate and meet the evolving needs of educators.

QBall growth post-Shark Tank

QBall’s Revenue Growth Post-Shark Tank (in millions)

Year Revenue
Year 1 $1.2
Year 2 $1.8
Year 3 $2.5
Year 4 $3.2

The table above demonstrates QBall’s consistent revenue growth post-Shark Tank. The company has achieved a remarkable increase in revenue each year, showcasing its strong market presence and sustained demand. This growth trajectory reaffirms QBall’s status as a leading player in the educational technology sector.

QBall’s Integration with Alexa

“The integration of QBall with Alexa has transformed the way educators and students interact with our product. By simply using voice commands, QBall can be effortlessly operated, enhancing the overall learning experience and engagement in the classroom.” – Shane Cox, Founder of QBall

In addition to its revenue growth, QBall’s integration with Alexa has opened up new opportunities and further solidified its position in the education market. The seamless integration allows for a more immersive and interactive learning environment, enabling teachers to maximize the potential of QBall and harness its full capabilities.

The continuous success and growth of QBall post-Shark Tank underscore the lasting impact and relevance of the product in educational settings. With its ongoing commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of educators, QBall is poised for a promising future as a leader in wireless classroom technology.

QBall Reviews and Customer Feedback

QBall has garnered positive reviews, with customers praising its unique features and ability to enhance classroom engagement. Teachers have specifically lauded its effectiveness in encouraging shy students to participate and improving classroom acoustics.

While the overall feedback has been favorable, a few customers have reported issues with the microphone not functioning properly. However, these instances seem to be isolated and do not reflect the majority of user experiences.

“The QBall has been a game-changer in my classroom. It’s engaging, interactive, and has increased student participation significantly!” – Sarah, 5th-grade teacher.

“As a teacher, I appreciate the durability and safety of the QBall. It’s made of soft foam and can withstand the occasional accidental drop.” – John, high school teacher.

The main advantages of QBall, as highlighted by users, include its novelty factor, ease of passing around, and the safe and soft material. These aspects make it an appealing tool in educational settings.

Pros of QBall:

  • Novelty factor
  • Easy to pass around
  • Safe and soft material

One potential drawback mentioned by some users is the need for students to be relatively close to the ball to be heard clearly. This proximity requirement may restrict the microphone’s effectiveness in larger classrooms.

Potential Con of QBall:

  • Requires proximity for clear audio

Overall, QBall has received positive feedback from customers, particularly in terms of its unique design, classroom engagement benefits, and safety features.

QBall customer feedback

The Future of QBall

While QBall’s future plans and innovations have not been explicitly mentioned, the company’s continued success and growth point towards a positive outlook for its future. With significant market expansion and integration with Alexa, QBall has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

As technology and educational practices continue to evolve, QBall is well-positioned to adapt and introduce new features and products to remain at the forefront of the market. Its unique design and functionality have already made it a popular choice among teachers and schools, and continued innovation will further solidify its position as a leader in the industry.

As QBall explores future possibilities, it will likely focus on expanding its market reach, exploring new partnerships, and refining its existing product. By staying attuned to the needs of educators and leveraging advancements in technology, QBall can continue to provide innovative solutions that enhance classroom engagement and promote interactive learning.


What is QBall?

QBall is a wireless microphone enclosed in a throwable foam ball designed for audience participation in various settings like schools, conferences, and events.

What are the unique features of QBall?

QBall has a soft, lightweight, and durable foam ball design. It also has a battery-saving function that switches off when in flight and goes into low power mode after 10 minutes of no motion.

How much did QBall receive in investment on Shark Tank?

QBall received a 0,000 investment from Mark, Lori, and Rohan in exchange for a 30% stake in the business.

How much revenue has QBall generated since appearing on Shark Tank?

QBall has generated .9 million in revenue over two years.

How does QBall impact the classroom?

QBall improves classroom engagement and participation, encourages shy students to speak up, and helps improve classroom acoustics.

What was QBall’s journey before Shark Tank?

Before appearing on Shark Tank, QBall had generated sales of over 5,000 at trade shows and in schools. It also had a successful Indiegogo campaign, raising over ,000.

How much does QBall’s manufacturing cost, and what is its selling price?

The manufacturing cost of each QBall is just under , while the selling price is 0.

Does QBall have competition?

QBall does not have direct alternatives or competitors in the market due to its unique design and features.

How has QBall grown since appearing on Shark Tank?

QBall continues to earn over a million dollars annually and has integrated with Alexa, further expanding its functionality and market reach.

What do customers say about QBall?

Customers generally praise QBall for its novelty factor and ability to boost classroom engagement. Some have reported issues with microphone functionality, but feedback overall has been favorable.

What are QBall’s future plans?

QBall’s future plans and innovations have not been explicitly mentioned, but the company’s success and growth indicate a positive outlook for its future.

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