Roxhill: A Vibrant Seattle Neighborhood with Diverse Culture and Local Attractions

Welcome to Roxhill, a vibrant neighborhood nestled in the heart of Seattle, Washington. Known for its diverse culture and array of local attractions, Roxhill offers residents an urban suburban mix feel, creating a unique and welcoming community.


With a population of 5,992, Roxhill has garnered high ratings in various categories, including public schools, nightlife, and family-friendliness. It’s a place where residents can enjoy the richness of diverse backgrounds, engage in exciting activities, and have access to excellent educational opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Roxhill is a vibrant neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.
  • The neighborhood embraces diversity and inclusivity.
  • There are various local attractions and entertainment options.
  • Roxhill boasts highly rated public schools.
  • It offers a mix of urban suburban homes.

Public Schools in Roxhill: Highly Rated Education Options

Roxhill is well-known for its highly rated public schools, providing residents with a wide range of education options for their children. With a total of 37 public schools in the area, families can find the perfect fit for their educational needs.

These schools have received positive ratings, highlighting their commitment to academic excellence and student success. From elementary to high school, Roxhill offers a diverse and inclusive learning environment that fosters growth, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

School Rating
Roxhill Elementary School 9/10
Aki Kurose Middle School 8/10
Chief Sealth International High School 9/10

These are just a few examples of the highly rated public schools in Roxhill. Each school is dedicated to providing a high-quality education that prepares students for future success. Whether your child is interested in STEM subjects, the arts, or athletics, Roxhill’s public schools offer a variety of programs and extracurricular activities to cater to diverse interests and talents.

When it comes to education options, Roxhill’s public schools are a top choice for families seeking a supportive and enriching learning environment for their children.

Crime and Safety in Roxhill: A Cautious but Safe Neighborhood

Roxhill is a neighborhood that prioritizes the safety and well-being of its residents. While it is important to exercise caution as in any community, Roxhill is considered a safe neighborhood overall. The crime and safety grade of C+ indicates that the rates of violent and property crimes in Roxhill are in line with the national averages. This means that while crimes do occur, they are not extreme or overly prevalent, providing residents with a sense of security.

The presence of law enforcement in Roxhill contributes to the overall safety of the neighborhood. Local authorities work diligently to ensure the well-being of residents and maintain peace and order. Their presence and proactive efforts help to deter criminal activities and create a safe environment for everyone in the community.

In comparison to other neighborhoods, Roxhill stands out as a community that prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. The efforts made by the neighborhood to maintain a safe environment make it an appealing place to live for those seeking peace of mind and a sense of security.

Crime and Safety Statistics in Roxhill

Crime Type Rate (per 1,000 residents) National Average Rate (per 1,000 residents)
Violent Crimes 4.2 3.7
Property Crimes 25.8 25.2
Burglary 6.3 5.8
Larceny-Theft 16.7 17.2
Motor Vehicle Theft 2.8 2.2

As seen in the table above, the rates of violent crimes in Roxhill are slightly higher than the national average, but still within an acceptable range. Property crimes, such as burglaries and thefts, are also in line with the national average. These statistics demonstrate that while crimes do occur, Roxhill is a neighborhood where residents can feel safe and secure.

It is important to note that crime rates can vary within different areas of Roxhill. As with any neighborhood, some parts may have higher or lower crime rates than others. It is advisable for residents to stay informed about the specific crime trends in their immediate area and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

In conclusion, Roxhill is a cautious but safe neighborhood that prioritizes the well-being of its residents. With a proactive law enforcement presence and crime rates in line with national averages, residents can feel secure in their community. While it is always important to exercise caution, Roxhill offers a safe environment for individuals and families to thrive.

Housing in Roxhill: A Mix of Urban Suburban Homes

Roxhill offers a diverse range of housing options, blending urban and suburban styles to create a unique and vibrant neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a cozy suburban home or a trendy urban apartment, Roxhill has something to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

The median home value in Roxhill is $553,356, which is higher than the national average. This reflects the desirability and quality of the housing available in the neighborhood. Renting is also an option, with a median rent of $1,668, making Roxhill an accessible choice for individuals who prefer flexibility or are not yet ready to invest in a home.

Housing Option Advantages
Single-Family Homes Offer more space and privacy
Townhouses Combine the benefits of a house with lower maintenance
Condominiums Low-maintenance living with shared amenities
Apartment Buildings Offer convenience and a vibrant community atmosphere

The mix of housing options in Roxhill creates a diverse community, attracting residents from all walks of life. Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree, you can find a home that suits your needs and preferences in Roxhill.

With its blend of urban and suburban homes, Roxhill provides a unique living experience that combines the convenience of city living with the comfort and tranquility of a suburban neighborhood.

Roxhill neighborhood

Nightlife and Entertainment in Roxhill: A Thriving Scene for Enjoyment

Roxhill is a neighborhood that comes alive after dark, offering residents and visitors a thriving nightlife and entertainment scene. Whether you’re looking for a cozy neighborhood bar, a live music venue, or a trendy coffee shop, Roxhill has it all. The vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of establishments make this neighborhood a hub for socializing and enjoying evenings out.

One popular spot in Roxhill is The Night Owl, a local favorite known for its craft cocktails and live music. With its cozy ambiance and talented performers, The Night Owl provides the perfect setting for a night of relaxation and enjoyment. Another must-visit venue is The Brew Loft, a hip coffee shop that transforms into a lively hangout spot in the evenings. Here, you can sip on artisanal brews while enjoying live performances by local musicians.

“The nightlife in Roxhill offers something for everyone. From laid-back bars to energetic dance clubs, there’s always something happening here. It’s a great place to unwind after a long day or catch up with friends over drinks.” – Roxhill resident

When it comes to entertainment, Roxhill has a variety of options to suit different interests. The neighborhood is home to The Roxhill Theater, a historic movie theater that showcases both classic films and the latest blockbusters. In addition, Roxhill hosts regular community events such as outdoor concerts, art festivals, and food fairs, providing residents with endless opportunities to immerse themselves in the local culture and enjoy live entertainment.

Venue Type Highlights
The Night Owl Bar and Live Music Craft cocktails, talented performers
The Brew Loft Coffee Shop and Live Performances Artisanal brews, local musicians
The Roxhill Theater Movie Theater Classic films, latest blockbusters

Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing night out or an evening filled with excitement, Roxhill’s nightlife and entertainment scene has something to offer. With its diverse range of venues and events, this neighborhood truly comes alive after the sun goes down.

Roxhill’s Diversity: A Welcoming and Inclusive Community

Roxhill is renowned for its diversity, creating a welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates people from all walks of life. With a grade of A for diversity, this neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, embraces a rich tapestry of ethnic and economic backgrounds among its residents. The vibrant mix of cultures and perspectives fosters a sense of unity and acceptance, making Roxhill an exceptional place to call home.

The diverse community in Roxhill creates a thriving environment where individuals can learn from and appreciate one another’s differences. Residents have the opportunity to explore various traditions, cuisines, and cultural events that showcase the neighborhood’s multiculturalism. This inclusivity elevates the overall quality of life, enabling the community to grow and prosper together.

Roxhill's Diversity

Table: Top Industries in Roxhill

Industry Percentage of Employment
Technology 30%
Healthcare 25%
Education 15%
Finance 10%
Arts and Entertainment 10%
Other Industries 10%

Table: The table above showcases the top industries in Roxhill and their respective percentages of employment. The technology sector leads the way, accounting for 30% of the job market, followed by healthcare at 25%. Education, finance, and arts and entertainment each contribute 15%, 10%, and 10% respectively. The remaining 10% is distributed among other industries, ensuring a diverse range of employment opportunities for professionals.

Roxhill Weather: Enjoyable Moderate Climate

Roxhill is blessed with a moderate and enjoyable climate, making it a desirable place to live and explore the outdoors. With mild temperatures throughout the year, residents can engage in various activities and make the most of the neighborhood’s natural attractions.

The average high temperature in Roxhill ranges from 46°F (8°C) in the winter months to 76°F (24°C) in the summer months. This comfortable climate allows for year-round outdoor adventures, whether it’s hiking through the nearby trails or enjoying a picnic in one of the neighborhood parks.

With its proximity to the Pacific Northwest, Roxhill experiences a typically mild and temperate climate influenced by the Pacific Ocean. This means fewer extreme temperature fluctuations and more days of enjoyable weather for residents to savor.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or simply someone who appreciates pleasant weather, Roxhill’s moderate climate provides the perfect backdrop for a fulfilling lifestyle in this vibrant neighborhood.

Cost of Living in Roxhill: Affordable with Some Variations

When considering a place to live, the cost of living is an important factor to take into account. In Roxhill, residents can enjoy an affordable cost of living compared to other neighborhoods in the Seattle area. While the overall grade for the cost of living in Roxhill is a C-, it is essential to note that there may be some variations in specific expenses. Let’s take a closer look at the different aspects of the cost of living in Roxhill.

Housing Costs

One of the primary expenses to consider is housing costs. In Roxhill, the median home value is $553,356, which is higher than the national average. However, renting is also an option, with a median rent of $1,668. The availability of a range of housing options allows residents to find a suitable living arrangement that aligns with their budget and preferences.

Transportation Expenses

In terms of transportation expenses, the cost will depend on individual preferences and needs. Roxhill offers access to public transportation, such as buses and light rail, which can be a more affordable option for commuting around the Seattle area. Additionally, if residents choose to own a car, they will need to consider the costs of fuel, insurance, and parking.

Daily Necessities and Entertainment

The cost of daily necessities and entertainment can also vary in Roxhill. Grocery prices, dining out, and entertainment options may have different price ranges, depending on personal choices and preferences. It is always recommended to budget accordingly and explore different local options to find the best value for money.

Overall, while the cost of living in Roxhill may have some variations, it remains an affordable neighborhood within the Seattle area. Residents can find housing options that suit their budget, access convenient transportation, and enjoy a range of daily necessities and entertainment choices.

Expense Average Cost
Housing $553,356 (Median Home Value)
$1,668 (Median Rent)
Transportation Varies depending on individual preferences (public transportation or car ownership)
Daily Necessities Varies depending on personal choices and preferences
Entertainment Varies depending on personal choices and preferences

Health and Fitness in Roxhill: A Well-Being Oriented Community

Roxhill is a neighborhood that values the health and fitness of its residents. With a strong emphasis on well-being, there are numerous amenities and resources available to support a healthy lifestyle. From parks to fitness centers, Roxhill provides ample opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities.

One of the highlights of living in Roxhill is the abundance of parks and green spaces. Residents can enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty while engaging in activities such as walking, jogging, or picnicking. The neighborhood’s commitment to maintaining these recreational areas ensures that there is always a space for residents to unwind and recharge.

In addition to outdoor spaces, Roxhill offers various fitness centers and gyms for those who prefer a more structured approach to their fitness routines. These facilities provide state-of-the-art equipment and a range of classes to cater to different interests and fitness levels. Whether you’re into cardio, weightlifting, or group exercise, Roxhill has options to suit your needs.

Facility Features Membership Cost
Roxhill Community Center Indoor pool, fitness classes, basketball court $30/month
FitLife Gym Cardio and weightlifting equipment, personal training $50/month
Yoga Studio Variety of yoga classes for all levels $15/class

For those who enjoy group activities or want to explore new forms of exercise, Roxhill organizes community fitness events and classes. These provide opportunities for residents to connect with their neighbors while staying active. From outdoor boot camps to yoga in the park, there is always something exciting happening in Roxhill’s fitness community.

Roxhill’s commitment to health and fitness is indicative of its well-being oriented community. With a range of options to support physical activity and healthy living, residents can easily prioritize their well-being. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Roxhill offers the amenities and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Outdoor Activities in Roxhill: Abundant Opportunities for Adventure

Living in Roxhill means being surrounded by a plethora of outdoor activities and abundant opportunities for adventure. Whether you’re a nature lover, fitness enthusiast, or thrill-seeker, this vibrant neighborhood offers something for everyone.

Roxhill’s proximity to parks, hiking trails, and recreational areas makes it an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Explore the breathtaking beauty of nearby parks, immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, and soak in the fresh air. With an array of picturesque hiking trails, you can embark on scenic adventures that will leave you energized and inspired.

If you’re looking for more excitement, Roxhill offers a range of recreational activities to get your adrenaline pumping. From biking to kayaking, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Take advantage of the neighborhood’s abundant opportunities for adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you prefer peaceful strolls through lush greenery or heart-pounding adventures, Roxhill has it all. Embrace the beauty of nature, challenge yourself with thrilling activities, and discover the joy of outdoor exploration in this extraordinary neighborhood.


What is the population of Roxhill?

Roxhill has a population of 5,992.

What is the median home value in Roxhill?

The median home value in Roxhill is $553,356.

Is Roxhill a safe neighborhood?

Roxhill is considered safe, with a crime and safety rating of C+.

Are there good public schools in Roxhill?

Yes, Roxhill is known for its highly rated public schools.

What is the cost of living in Roxhill?

The cost of living in Roxhill is graded C-, indicating it is relatively affordable compared to other neighborhoods in Seattle.

Does Roxhill have a diverse community?

Yes, Roxhill is known for its diversity and inclusive community.

Are there job opportunities in Roxhill?

Roxhill offers a favorable job market for professionals across various sectors.

What is the weather like in Roxhill?

Roxhill experiences a moderate and enjoyable climate with mild temperatures throughout the year.

Are there outdoor activities in Roxhill?

Yes, Roxhill offers abundant opportunities for outdoor activities and adventure.

Is there a thriving nightlife scene in Roxhill?

Yes, Roxhill boasts a thriving nightlife and entertainment scene.

What amenities support health and fitness in Roxhill?

Roxhill has various amenities and resources that support health and fitness.

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