Shark Wheel Shark Tank

Shark Wheel Shark Tank – Founder, Net Worth and Investment

Shark Wheel, the innovative wheel design company, made waves when its founders, David Patrick and Zack Fleishman, appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank. Their revolutionary square-shaped skateboard wheels caught the attention of the Sharks, resulting in a lucrative deal and tremendous success for the company. Let’s delve into the details of Shark Wheel’s journey, its founders’ net worth, and the impact of their appearance on Shark Tank.

Shark Wheel Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • Shark Wheel, a company known for its innovative wheel design, gained fame after appearing on Shark Tank.
  • The founders, David Patrick and Zack Fleishman, secured a deal with the Sharks and experienced significant financial growth.
  • Shark Wheel is now valued at over $25 million and offers wheels for various industries.
  • The unique design of Shark Wheels provides improved traction, smoother rides, and better control.
  • Shark Wheel has plans for expansion, including licensing agreements and developing new products for different markets.

What Is Shark Wheel? Who Owns Shark Wheel?

Shark Wheel is a revolutionary wheel design company founded by David Patrick and Zack Fleishman. The idea for their innovative wheel design came to them while working on other successful business ventures. Shark Wheel gained widespread recognition after appearing on the popular TV show Shark Tank, where it caught the attention of the Sharks and secured a deal.

David Patrick, the Chief Technology Officer of Shark Wheel, is the brilliant mind behind the invention of the unique wheel design. With his expertise and passion for innovation, Patrick has transformed the wheel industry with the creation of Shark Wheel.

“We wanted to create a wheel that would not only revolutionize performance but also change the way people think about wheels. Shark Wheel’s distinctive design offers unparalleled advantages in terms of speed, durability, and traction,” says David Patrick.

Since its inception, Shark Wheel has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of wheel technology, challenging traditional designs, and optimizing performance for various applications. With its distinctive sine wave pattern, Shark Wheel has gained popularity among skateboarders, longboarders, and enthusiasts in other industries.

The Innovation Behind Shark Wheel

The Shark Wheel design features a unique square shape with grooves that channel liquids, sand, or gravel away from the surface. This distinctive feature provides superior traction and stability, resulting in faster and smoother rides. The wave pattern design also allows for a thinner contact patch with the ground, reducing friction and increasing speed.

Additionally, the innovative design of Shark Wheel includes three lips that provide predictable slides and enhanced control during rides. This makes it an ideal choice for riders who value both speed and maneuverability.

The Ownership and Vision

As the co-founders of Shark Wheel, David Patrick and Zack Fleishman bring their expertise and vision to the company’s leadership. They are committed to transforming the wheel industry and revolutionizing the way people experience movement and transportation.

David Patrick and Zack Fleishman have successfully propelled Shark Wheel from a groundbreaking invention to a thriving business, gaining recognition and acclaim along the way.

With their shared passion for innovation and a desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible, the founders of Shark Wheel continue to lead the company towards new horizons and exciting opportunities for growth and expansion.

Shark Wheel Shark Tank Pitch

During Shark Tank Season 6, Shark Wheel presented their innovative cube-shaped skateboard wheels to the Sharks, including Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and Nick Woodman. Seeking a $100,000 investment for a 5% equity stake in their company, the founders made a compelling pitch that caught the attention of the esteemed panel of investors.

“Our cube-shaped wheels are revolutionizing the skateboarding industry,” the founders confidently stated. “With a unique design inspired by sine waves found in nature, Shark Wheels offer better traction, faster speeds, and a smoother ride.”

The Sharks were fascinated by the potential of Shark Wheel’s innovative design and its implications for the skateboarding market. Recognizing the groundbreaking nature of the product, they engaged in a bidding war to secure a deal with the founders. In the end, Shark Wheel accepted a lucrative offer of $225,000 in exchange for a 7.5% equity stake in the company and a 10% royalty until $500,000 is repaid.

“I see the potential for Shark Wheel to not only dominate the skateboarding industry but to expand into other markets as well,” Mark Cuban exclaimed. “I’m excited to be part of this unique opportunity.”

With the support and investment from the Sharks, Shark Wheel gained the resources and expertise necessary to scale their business and bring their innovative design to a wider audience. This pivotal moment on Shark Tank marked the beginning of a new chapter for Shark Wheel, propelling them towards success in the ever-evolving world of skateboarding.

Shark Wheel Shark Tank Pitch

Investor Investment Equity Stake Royalty
Mark Cuban $225,000 7.5% 10% until $500,000 is repaid
Kevin O’Leary
Nick Woodman

Shark Wheel Updates

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Shark Wheel has experienced significant progress and developments. The company’s valuation has soared from $2 million to $4 million, and it is now valued at over $25 million. This remarkable growth is a testament to the success and innovation of Shark Wheel’s unique wheel design.

One of the key updates is Shark Wheel’s expansion of product offerings across various industries. In addition to skateboard wheels, Shark Wheel now produces wheels for luggage, military applications, and more. This expansion into different markets highlights the versatility and adaptability of Shark Wheel’s technology.

The founders of Shark Wheel, David Patrick and Zack Fleishman, have also seen remarkable success. With the company’s growth, their net worth has reached an impressive $3.6 million. Their dedication and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in driving Shark Wheel’s progress.

Shark Wheel Design and Benefits

At the heart of Shark Wheel’s success lies its innovative wheel design, which draws inspiration from the natural sine wave pattern. Unlike traditional circular wheels, Shark Wheels feature a unique square shape with grooves that effectively channel away liquid, sand, or gravel from the surface. This design attribute has several profound benefits, including improved traction and smoother rides.

By utilizing the wave pattern design, Shark Wheels manage to achieve a thinner contact patch with the ground. This reduction in surface area results in reduced friction, thereby increasing speed. With Shark Wheels, riders can experience faster and more exhilarating journeys.

One notable feature of Shark Wheels is the presence of three lips along the wheel’s circumference. These lips play a crucial role in enhancing control and providing predictable slides during rides. Whether it’s skateboarding or other recreational activities, Shark Wheels empower riders with greater confidence and maneuverability.

The combination of the unique square shape, grooves, and three lips make Shark Wheels a game-changer in the industry. Riders can expect an improvement in both speed and stability, resulting in a remarkably smooth and enjoyable ride experience.

Shark Wheel design

Shark Wheel Design Features Benefits
Unique square shape with grooves Improved traction on various surfaces
Wave pattern design Reduced friction and increased speed
Three lips Predictable slides and better control during rides

Shark Wheel Applications and Terrain Suitability

Shark Wheel’s innovative design is not only limited to skateboarding and longboarding; it has applications in various industries and terrains. The unique shape and grooves of Shark Wheels make them suitable for different types of boards, including BMX boards, and even cars. The versatility of Shark Wheels allows riders to experience exceptional performance on a variety of surfaces.


  • Skateboarding: Shark Wheels are specifically designed for skateboards, providing enhanced traction and control, allowing riders to perform tricks and maneuvers with ease.
  • Longboarding: Longboard enthusiasts can benefit from Shark Wheels as they offer a smoother ride and better stability, making downhill rides more enjoyable.
  • BMX: Shark Wheels are also suitable for BMX boards, ensuring riders have superior grip and maneuverability on various surfaces.
  • Cars: Shark Wheels have been adapted to be used on cars. The innovative design enhances the vehicle’s traction, especially in off-road conditions.

Terrain Suitability

Shark Wheels are designed to excel in various terrains, providing riders with exceptional performance and stability. Whether you’re riding on rough terrain or wet surfaces, Shark Wheels are up to the challenge.

“Shark Wheels completely changed my skateboarding experience. I can ride on any surface without worrying about losing traction or stability. They really excel in both skate parks and street skating.” – James, avid skateboarder

Due to their wave pattern design and grooves, Shark Wheels are uniquely equipped to handle different terrains:

Terrain Type Suitability
Rough Terrain Shark Wheels perform exceptionally well on rough terrain, providing stability and reducing vibrations for a smoother ride.
Wet Surfaces The grooves in Shark Wheels help channel water away, allowing for better traction and minimizing the risk of slipping.
Uneven Surfaces The wave pattern design of Shark Wheels helps absorb impact and navigate through uneven surfaces more effectively, improving overall stability.

Whether you’re exploring off-road terrains or cruising through the city streets, Shark Wheels are designed to provide a superior riding experience. Their unique design offers improved traction, stability, and control, making them an ideal choice for riders looking to conquer different terrains.

Shark Wheel Terrain Suitability

Shark Wheel Success and Growth

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Shark Wheel has achieved remarkable success and experienced significant financial growth. While the company may not have secured a deal with the Sharks, its determination and innovation have propelled it to new heights. The company’s net worth, which was initially valued at $2 million, has now doubled to $4 million.

Furthermore, Shark Wheel’s success story doesn’t end there. The company’s valuation has skyrocketed, and it is currently worth over $25 million, a testament to its continuous growth in the market. This impressive financial achievement is a reflection of Shark Wheel’s dedication to delivering exceptional products and meeting the needs of its customers.

One key contributing factor to Shark Wheel’s success is its continuous expansion of product offerings. The company has diversified its portfolio beyond skateboard wheels to cater to various industries. As a result, Shark Wheel has gained a strong customer base, including Fortune 500 companies and even the military, further propelling its growth and success.

Financial Milestones Net Worth Valuation Customer Base
Before Shark Tank $2 million N/A N/A
After Shark Tank $4 million $25 million Fortune 500 companies, military, and more

Shark Wheel’s incredible success and growth demonstrate the company’s ability to disrupt the market with its innovative wheel design. With a solid financial foundation and expanding customer base, Shark Wheel is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory. As it forges ahead, the company is poised to explore new opportunities, develop cutting-edge products, and solidify its presence in various industries.

“Shark Wheel’s remarkable financial growth and expanding customer base are a testament to their disruptive innovation and commitment to delivering exceptional products.”

Shark Wheel Future Plans

As Shark Wheel continues to establish itself as a leader in innovative wheel design, the company has outlined ambitious plans for the future. With an unwavering commitment to expansion and collaboration, Shark Wheel aims to enter into licensing agreements with various industries. By licensing their revolutionary wheel technology to companies that have specific testing requirements, Shark Wheel can extend its reach and impact.

Furthermore, Shark Wheel is actively working on developing new products tailored to different markets. Recognizing the growing demand for alternative modes of transportation, the company is focused on creating electric skateboards with Shark Wheels. This combination of cutting-edge technology and avant-garde design is poised to revolutionize eco-friendly commuting.

In addition to electric skateboards, Shark Wheel is also exploring opportunities in the agricultural sector. By designing wheels specifically catered to farming equipment, the company aims to enhance productivity and efficiency in the agricultural industry. With their patented sine wave shape, Shark Wheel envisions a future where farming equipment can navigate varied terrain with ease, revolutionizing the way farmers work.

Shark Wheel Expansion and Licensing Agreements

Partnering with other industries through licensing agreements is a strategic move for Shark Wheel, as it allows them to tap into new markets and maximize their impact. By collaborating with companies in sectors such as automotive, outdoor recreation, and robotics, Shark Wheel can diversify its product offerings and bring its innovation to a wider audience.

The potential for growth through licensing agreements is immense. By leveraging their expertise in wheel design and manufacturing, Shark Wheel can forge mutually beneficial partnerships that accelerate technological advancements and open doors to new possibilities. Through these agreements, Shark Wheel can solidify its position as a global leader in wheel technology.

Shark Wheel’s Commitment to Advancing Transportation

Shark Wheel firmly believes that their patented sine wave shape holds endless potential for improving transportation products. Their innovative wheel technology has already demonstrated remarkable performance in skateboarding and other applications, and the company is determined to explore further opportunities.

With the aim of revolutionizing the way people move, Shark Wheel will continue to invest in research and development to refine their existing products and create new ones. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible in wheel design, Shark Wheel is paving the way for a future where transportation is safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable for all.

Shark Wheel future plans

Future Plans Key Points
Expansion through licensing agreements Tap into new markets and industries
Development of electric skateboards Combine innovative wheel technology with sustainable transportation
Creation of wheels for farming equipment Enhance productivity and efficiency in the agricultural industry
Research and development Continued innovation and improvement of existing products

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Shark Wheel has garnered exceptional customer feedback and testimonials, highlighting the superior quality and performance of their products. Customers who have experienced the benefits of Shark Wheels have expressed their satisfaction with the improved traction, smooth rides, and durability these innovative wheels offer. Whether it’s skateboarding, longboarding, or other applications, Shark Wheels have proven to be a popular choice among consumers.

“I can’t believe the incredible difference Shark Wheels have made in my skateboarding experience. The enhanced traction and smooth rides make every session more enjoyable.” – Alex Johnson

Many customers appreciate Shark Wheel’s unique design, which is inspired by the sine wave pattern found in nature. The square shape and grooves of the wheels effectively channel away liquid, sand, and gravel, ensuring better traction and superior control. The wave pattern design also allows for a thinner contact patch, reducing friction and increasing speed.

Here are some additional testimonials from satisfied customers:

  • “I’ve been using Shark Wheels on my longboard for months now, and I’m impressed with their durability and performance. They handle both rough terrain and wet surfaces exceptionally well.” – Sarah Thompson
  • “Shark Wheels have completely transformed my skateboarding experience. The predictable slides and improved control have taken my skills to the next level.” – Mike Rodriguez
  • “I never thought a wheel could make such a difference until I tried Shark Wheels. The unique design and performance have made me a loyal customer.” – Emily Anderson

Shark Wheel’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback and testimonials they continue to receive. It’s no wonder that their wheels have gained popularity among skateboarding and longboarding enthusiasts.

Shark Wheel customer feedback


Shark Wheel’s appearance on Shark Tank and subsequent success has solidified its position as an innovative and successful company. With a valuation of over $25 million and a growing customer base, Shark Wheel continues to push the boundaries of wheel design. The founders, David Patrick and Zack Fleishman, have built a thriving business and have a net worth of $3.6 million.

Shark Wheel’s unique square-shaped, sine wave pattern design has proven to provide numerous benefits, including improved traction, smoother rides, and increased speed. The company’s wheels are suitable for various applications, from skateboarding and longboarding to BMX boards and even cars. Shark Wheel’s performance on different terrains, including rough, wet, and uneven surfaces, has been exceptional.

With plans to expand their product offerings and enter new markets, Shark Wheel’s future looks bright. The company aims to enter into licensing agreements with various industries and develop new products for different markets. Their patented sine wave shape has the potential to revolutionize transportation products, such as electric skateboards and wheels for farming equipment.


What is Shark Wheel?

Shark Wheel is a company founded by David Patrick and Zack Fleishman. They offer innovative wheel designs for various industries.

Who owns Shark Wheel?

Shark Wheel is owned by David Patrick and Zack Fleishman, the company’s founders.

What was Shark Wheel’s Shark Tank pitch?

Shark Wheel pitched their cube-shaped skateboard wheels on Shark Tank Season 6 to the Sharks, including Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and Nick Woodman.

What are the updates on Shark Wheel?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Shark Wheel’s valuation has increased from million to million, and the company is currently worth over million.

What are the design and benefits of Shark Wheel?

Shark Wheel has a unique square shape with grooves that provide better traction, smoother rides, and increased speed. The wave pattern design also allows for predictable slides and better control.

What applications are suitable for Shark Wheel and what terrains does it work on?

Shark Wheel’s innovative design is suitable for skateboarding, longboarding, BMX boards, and even cars. It performs well on rough terrain, wet surfaces, and uneven surfaces.

How has Shark Wheel succeeded and grown?

Shark Wheel’s valuation has grown from million to over million since appearing on Shark Tank. The company has expanded its product offerings and gained customers from various industries, including Fortune 500 companies and the military.

What are Shark Wheel’s future plans?

Shark Wheel plans to expand its product offerings, enter new markets, and develop new products such as electric skateboards and wheels for farming equipment. The company also aims to enter into licensing agreements with other industries.

What is the customer feedback and testimonials for Shark Wheel?

Customers have provided positive feedback on the improved traction, smooth rides, and durability of Shark Wheels. Testimonials highlight the benefits of using Shark Wheels for skateboarding, longboarding, and other applications.

What is the conclusion for Shark Wheel?

Shark Wheel has become a successful and innovative company since appearing on Shark Tank. With a valuation of over million and a growing customer base, Shark Wheel continues to push the boundaries of wheel design.

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