5 Reasons to Start Tracking Your Site Rankings Today

People spend a lot of time and money to get the best SEO services. They look for professional and expensive companies and individuals. Although it does get the job done, the effects are only temporary. You need more than optimization to make sure your website is getting the right treatment. And that additional factor is tracking.

What does tracking site rankings mean, and how can it help you improve?

Well, there are various reasons to prove that, and through the use of any of the latest SEO tools and resources available online, it’s a lot easier to understand and follow than you might think.

Let’s take a detailed look at provide you 5 reasons to start tracking your site rankings today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Site Rankings

Before going into the reasons, let’s understand what does it mean to track site rankings.

Tracking a site’s ranking means monitoring the website. There are many important metrics to consider when optimizing your website. These metrics help you gain more followers and traffic to your site.

With that said, here are 5 reasons why you should start tracking your site rankings today.

Not only they actively being used by many of the top site owners and bloggers in the world today, they are also the five data points that are being used by Zutrix.com in order to provide their users with the best SEO and Google search stats possible.

Identifying Competitors

The first step in making your website successful is to see how the competitors are doing. These rankings do not only show your own website’s performance, you can get to know a lot more. If you have a targeted keyword or phrase, you can see the performance of your competitors as well.

It will help you in knowing whether they have launched new content or not. And how well it is doing. If it is the same as your brand’s category, you can get the upper hand through this monitoring. You can also make better strategies and plan your content, considering your competition for it.

Determining Keywords

In your performance report, you can see how well your keywords are performing. Their positions will be mentioned, along with the dates. You can also see their evolution (or devolution).

From there, you can determine which ones have done a good job. Based on this knowledge, you can strategize your use of keywords depending on their popularity. It will help you optimize your website to the fullest.

Discovering New Opportunities

When you see the performance of your website, there is so much to notice. You can discover keywords and opportunities that you missed. It may be due to your interest in some other type of engaging or visual content.

Either way, you can explore new opportunities by tracking your site ranking. These will help you take your content and website in a whole new direction that will attract more people. 

Monitoring Traffic Drops

If you face a drop in traffic on your website, it is important to know why. That is exactly what site rankings help you with. They provide you a clearer picture of why your website is going downhill. You can identify where you went wrong and fix it.

It is Not Difficult at All

When it comes to even the simplest SEO-related actions, people hesitate and think it is a difficult job. Well, it is not. You can easily track all the metrics and your site rankings to help it grow. 


The reasons mentioned above are enough to convince you why you should start tracking your site rankings today. It will make for a better tomorrow for your website. In the longer run, it will benefit your brand in many ways.

No matter where you are in the content creation and marketing process for your site, it’s a journey that never ends. The most important thing is that you take action today and put in a process that continues improves your site SEO day after day.

Once you start getting traffic from Google and see your rankings improve, this will allow the top SERP checker tools to provide you with more detailed stats and reports to further optimize your site.

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