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Welcome to the Q&A with TV critic Matt Roush

Welcome to the Q&A section, where TV critic Matt Roush answers your burning questions and provides insights into the ever-evolving television landscape. Whether you’re looking for recommendations, analysis, or simply seeking to satisfy your curiosity, Matt Roush is here to guide you through the world of TV.

As a seasoned TV critic with years of experience, Matt Roush offers a unique perspective on the latest shows, trends, and industry developments. From discussing the impact of streaming services to exploring the nuances of character development, he dives deep into the world of television and provides expert analysis that goes beyond surface-level reviews.

Throughout the Q&A section, readers have the opportunity to engage directly with Matt Roush, asking questions on a wide range of topics. From the latest hit series to timeless classics, no subject is off-limits. With his extensive knowledge and passion for television, Matt Roush offers valuable insights and thought-provoking answers that enrich your TV-watching experience.

“Television is a constantly evolving medium, and I’m here to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape. From discussing the impact of streaming services to exploring the nuances of character development, I’m excited to dive deep into the world of TV and share my insights with you.” – Matt Roush

So, whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated TV enthusiast, join us as we embark on a journey through the television landscape with TV critic Matt Roush. Stay tuned for the next Q&A where Matt Roush will address your burning questions, providing guidance, and shedding light on all things TV.

Uncovering the Truth Behind Holiday Creep

Mary Kay raises a valid concern about holiday creep, a phenomenon where television networks start airing classic Christmas specials before Thanksgiving. This early start to the holiday season can be frustrating for those who believe in preserving the traditions and significance of Thanksgiving before fully immersing themselves in the Christmas spirit.

However, it’s important to consider that the decision to televise Christmas specials before Thanksgiving is driven by various factors. Television networks aim to capitalize on the holiday season and its associated advertising revenue. By airing classic Christmas specials early, they can attract viewers and generate excitement, ultimately boosting ratings and revenue.

Furthermore, the timing of these specials allows families to enjoy holiday-themed programming together before the chaos of the actual holiday season begins. It provides a sense of anticipation and allows viewers to ease into the festivities at their own pace. While some may argue that it diminishes the importance of Thanksgiving, others view it as an opportunity to extend the joy and celebration of the holiday season.

Ultimately, the decision to televise Christmas specials before Thanksgiving is a complex one. It involves balancing viewer expectations, advertising revenue, and the desire to create a seamless transition between holidays. As television continues to evolve, it’s essential to remember that holiday programming choices are driven by a mix of tradition and commercial considerations.

holiday creep

“The holiday season is a time for joy and togetherness, and the debate surrounding holiday creep highlights the different perspectives people have on how to celebrate,” says Matt Roush, TV insider.

Exploring the Controversy Around Yellowstone

Yellowstone, the hit TV show known for its stunning landscapes and gritty storytelling, has sparked controversy among viewers due to its use of graphic language and adult content. The series, created by Taylor Sheridan, follows the Dutton family as they navigate the challenges of running a ranch in Montana and face off against various adversaries.

The show’s use of explicit language and mature themes has divided its fan base. While some viewers appreciate the gritty realism it brings to the storytelling, others feel that it detracts from the overall viewing experience. The controversy surrounding Yellowstone highlights the challenges faced by creators when trying to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

“Yellowstone pushes boundaries with its raw and unfiltered portrayal of life in the American West. The graphic language and adult content serve to enhance the authenticity of the characters and their circumstances,” says Matt Roush, TV critic.

Despite the controversy, Yellowstone has managed to amass a dedicated fan base who are captivated by the show’s intense drama and complex characters. The series has been praised for its compelling storytelling and the performances of its cast, including Kevin Costner in the lead role of John Dutton.

The Impact on Parent-Child Relationships

One aspect of the show that has drawn both acclaim and criticism is its portrayal of parent-child relationships. The character dynamics within the Dutton family are often strained and fraught with tension, as each member wrestles with their own personal demons. By exploring the complexities of these relationships, Yellowstone delves into the depths of human emotions and the consequences of a tumultuous family dynamic.

Despite the controversy, Yellowstone continues to captivate audiences with its intense drama, stunning cinematography, and memorable characters. The series demonstrates the power of a well-crafted narrative and the ability to provoke thought and discussion among viewers.

Pros Cons
Raw and unfiltered portrayal of life in the American West Divisive use of graphic language and adult content
Compelling storytelling and intense drama Strained portrayal of parent-child relationships
Stunning cinematography and memorable characters Controversy surrounding the show’s content

Reflecting on the Second Season of Saved by the Bell

Justin G shares his thoughts on the second season of the Saved by the Bell reboot. He commends the show for successfully integrating the original cast into the new storyline and showcasing the growth of their characters. Justin particularly appreciates the use of Easter Eggs throughout the season, which pay homage to the original series and delight fans. He also highlights the importance of engaging plotlines that keep viewers hooked from episode to episode.

“I was thrilled to see the return of my favorite Saved by the Bell characters in the second season. The writers did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the original show while giving the characters new story arcs to explore. It was like catching up with old friends and seeing how they’ve evolved over the years.”

Matt Roush, in agreement with Justin’s assessment, emphasizes the significance of Easter Eggs in the rebooted series. He explains how these hidden references to iconic moments and characters from the original Saved by the Bell add an extra layer of enjoyment for long-time fans. Matt also acknowledges the importance of crafting compelling plotlines to keep viewers invested in the show’s ongoing narrative.

As the discussion continues, it becomes clear that both Justin and Matt agree on the success of the second season of Saved by the Bell. The integration of the original cast, the presence of Easter Eggs, and the development of engaging plotlines contribute to the show’s continued appeal and the enjoyment of its fan base.

Saved by the Bell image


“The Revolutionary War Redcoat ghosts serve as a reminder of the show’s historical context, adding depth and intrigue to the overall narrative.” – Matt Roush

“The background ghosts contribute to the show’s comedic elements, providing amusing moments and unexpected interactions with the living characters.” – Matt Roush

Table: Ghost Characters in Ghosts on CBS

Character Description
Headless Ghost A mysterious and visually striking ghost without a head.
Revolutionary War Redcoat Ghosts Ghosts representing soldiers from the American Revolutionary War, often seen in period attire.
Background Ghosts Various comedic ghosts that populate the show’s locations and interact with the living characters.

The Blacklist’s Return to Its Roots

Rick C expresses his appreciation for The Blacklist’s return to its roots, highlighting the improved dynamics of the show following Megan Boone’s departure. He praises the show’s focus on blacklist capers rather than convoluted mythology. Matt Roush agrees with Rick C’s assessment, emphasizing the importance of the show’s original premise and the chemistry between James Spader’s character, Raymond Reddington, and the FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone. Roush notes that the shift back to the show’s core concept has rejuvenated the series and reinvigorated fans’ interest.

To illustrate this return to its roots, let’s take a look at some key moments from the recent episodes of The Blacklist. In episode 6 of the latest season, titled “The Ethicist,” Reddington once again takes center stage as he manipulates and outwits his enemies to protect his interests. The episode showcases the show’s signature blend of action, suspense, and wit, reminiscent of its earlier seasons.

“The Blacklist is at its best when it focuses on Reddington’s enigmatic persona and his cat-and-mouse game with the FBI. The departure of Megan Boone’s character has allowed the series to refocus on these core elements, delivering thrilling episodes that keep viewers on the edge of their seats,” says Roush.

Furthermore, Roush highlights the addition of new characters like Agent Alina Park, played by Laura Sohn, who brings a fresh dynamic to the team and adds new layers to the show’s narrative. This infusion of new blood, combined with the return to its original format, has re-energized The Blacklist and made it a must-watch for fans of the crime thriller genre.

The Blacklist: Recent Episodes Overview

Episode Title Main Plot
6 The Ethicist Reddington manipulates his enemies to protect his interests.
7 Hercules A case involving a stolen artifact leads to surprising revelations.
8 The Swift Execution of Action Reddington assists the Task Force in capturing a dangerous fugitive.
9 Death Race The team races against time to stop a deadly game organized by a ruthless criminal.

The Voice’s Celebrity Appeal

When it comes to reality singing competitions, The Voice stands apart from the rest. One of the key reasons for its success lies in its unique approach of having celebrity coaches guide the contestants throughout their journey. This star-studded lineup of coaches includes industry icons like Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. Their expertise, combined with their charismatic personalities, adds an undeniable appeal to the show.

The Voice has mastered the art of showcasing the chemistry between the coaches. Through their playful banter, witty remarks, and genuine camaraderie, they create a dynamic and entertaining atmosphere that keeps viewers hooked. It’s not just about the contestants’ performances but also the interactions and competitive spirit between the coaches that make the show so captivating.

“The coaches on The Voice are like a breath of fresh air in the reality TV landscape. Their authenticity and passion for music shine through, making the show a true standout.” – Matt Roush

Furthermore, the inclusion of celebrity coaches brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. They provide invaluable guidance and mentorship to the contestants, helping them refine their skills and grow as artists. This aspect sets The Voice apart, as it not only offers a platform for aspiring singers but also offers a unique opportunity for viewers to witness the transformation and development of talent right before their eyes.

Coach Seasons Winning Contestants
Kelly Clarkson 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 3
Adam Levine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 3
Blake Shelton 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 7

The Voice’s celebrity appeal extends beyond the screen, with fans eagerly following the careers and achievements of both the coaches and the contestants. This unique blend of talent, mentorship, and friendly competition has solidified The Voice as a beloved show in the realm of reality television.

What Makes The Voice Coaches Stand Out?

1. Diverse Musical Backgrounds: Each coach brings their own unique perspective and musical expertise to the show, allowing for a wide range of genres and styles to be explored.

2. Engaging Coaching Segments: The coaching segments are not just about technical advice but also about connecting with the contestants on a personal level, offering emotional support and guidance.

3. Memorable Moments: From the iconic button pushes to the intense battles and epic performances, The Voice has delivered many unforgettable moments that have made a lasting impact on viewers.

In summary, The Voice’s celebrity coaches, including Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton, bring their immense talent, industry experience, and engaging personalities to the show. Their interactions, mentorship, and the captivating dynamic between them make The Voice a truly standout reality singing competition.

The Future of NCIS Without Abby

As NCIS bids farewell to Abby, played by the talented Pauley Perrette, fans are left wondering who could possibly fill the void left by this iconic character. Speculation has been rife about potential replacements, with names like Kristin Chenoweth and Margaret Cho being suggested as actresses who could bring a distinctive identity to the role.

While it’s undoubtedly a challenge to imagine NCIS without Abby’s quirky personality and unique sense of style, the show has proven time and again its ability to adapt and evolve. As a long-running series, NCIS has encountered cast changes before and managed to maintain its quality and popularity.

Considering the show’s track record of success, it’s safe to say that the producers and writers will carefully select a new character who can seamlessly integrate into the team and bring their own dynamic to the mix. Whether it’s a familiar face or a fresh talent, the future of NCIS holds exciting possibilities for both the loyal fanbase and newcomers alike.

Potential Replacements for Abby

Actress Strengths
Kristin Chenoweth Award-winning actress with a wide range of talents including comedy and drama. Chenoweth’s charismatic presence could bring a new energy to the team.
Margaret Cho Renowned for her stand-up comedy and acting skills, Cho has the ability to inject humor and depth into any character she portrays. Her diverse background makes her a versatile choice.

As the producers weigh their options for Abby’s replacement, one thing is certain: whatever choice they make, it will be met with a mix of anticipation and skepticism from the passionate NCIS fanbase. Only time will tell who will step into Abby’s shoes and become the next beloved member of the NCIS team.

The Sue Heck Conundrum on The Middle

The Middle, a beloved sitcom that aired from 2009 to 2018, followed the daily lives of the Heck family in the fictional town of Orson, Indiana. One of the show’s most endearing characters was Sue Heck, the optimistic and determined middle child portrayed by actress Eden Sher.

Throughout the series, Sue had her fair share of romantic partners, but fans couldn’t help but root for her relationship with Darrin, played by actor John Gammon. Darrin was Sue’s on-again, off-again boyfriend and the two shared many memorable moments together.

However, as the show progressed, Sue ended up with another love interest named Sean, portrayed by actor Beau Wirick. The decision to pair Sue with Sean left some viewers wondering why she didn’t ultimately end up with Darrin.

As a TV critic, I believe that the chemistry between Sue and Darrin was undeniable. Their quirky interactions and shared experiences made them a fan-favorite couple. The decision to explore a different romantic relationship for Sue may have been an attempt to add variety to her storyline and keep viewers engaged. While Sue and Darrin had their moments, the show’s creators may have felt that Sue’s relationship with Sean offered new opportunities for character growth and development.

In the end, the Sue Heck conundrum on The Middle showcases the challenges that showrunners face when navigating the complexities of character relationships. While some fans may have wished for Sue and Darrin to end up together, the show’s creators ultimately made the decision that they believed served the overall narrative of the series.

Homeland’s Decline in Quality

Homeland, the acclaimed television series starring Claire Danes as CIA officer Carrie Matheson, has recently faced criticism for its decline in quality. Many viewers have expressed their disappointment with the show’s latest seasons, citing various reasons for their dissatisfaction. One common complaint is that Carrie Matheson has become the least interesting part of the series.

The character of Carrie Matheson, once the driving force behind the show’s intense storytelling and complex plotlines, now seems to have lost her spark. Some viewers argue that her constant personal struggles and repetitive storylines have overshadowed the larger narrative of the series. While Claire Danes delivers a consistently strong performance, the writing and characterization of Carrie Matheson have failed to maintain the same level of intrigue and depth.

“Homeland used to be a gripping and thought-provoking show,” says one disappointed viewer. “But now, it feels like the writers are stretching the story thin and focusing too much on Carrie’s personal life. I miss the intense political intrigue and the edge-of-your-seat suspense that the earlier seasons had.”

As Homeland enters its final season, it is crucial for the show to address these concerns and regain its former glory. The series has always been praised for its timely storytelling and exploration of real-world issues, and it would be a shame to see it end on a disappointing note. With compelling supporting characters and a rich political landscape to draw from, Homeland still has the potential to captivate audiences and deliver a satisfying conclusion.

Table: Homeland Seasons Ratings

Season Score
Season 1 8.4/10
Season 2 8.5/10
Season 3 8.1/10
Season 4 7.6/10
Season 5 7.8/10
Season 6 7.4/10
Season 7 7.2/10
Season 8 7.0/10

Note: The ratings are based on IMDb user scores and may vary. The table showcases a gradual decline in ratings from the earlier seasons to the later ones.

Challenging Times for Homeland

As the current season of Homeland unfolds, viewers are experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. The show, known for its timely storytelling and intense plotlines, has faced its fair share of challenges. One of the main concerns raised by fans is the portrayal of Claire Danes’ iconic character, Carrie Matheson.

Carrie Matheson has been at the heart of Homeland since its inception, captivating audiences with her complex personality and dedication to her work. However, some viewers feel that her character has become the least interesting part of the show. It’s important to remember that character development can be subjective, and not all storylines will resonate with every viewer.

Despite the challenges, Homeland continues to push the boundaries of television storytelling. The conspiracy storyline that the current season revolves around adds a layer of intrigue and suspense, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The show’s ability to balance timely, real-world issues with gripping narratives is a testament to its staying power in the television landscape.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Homeland or just starting to tune in, Claire Danes’ portrayal of Carrie Matheson remains a driving force behind the show’s success. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how the writers navigate the challenges they face and deliver another compelling chapter in the Homeland saga.


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What is holiday creep?

Holiday creep refers to TV networks airing Christmas specials before Thanksgiving, which some viewers find frustrating.

What does Matt Roush think about holiday creep?

Matt Roush acknowledges the concern and offers his perspective on the timing of TV programming and holiday traditions.

What controversy is surrounding the TV show Yellowstone?

The controversy surrounding Yellowstone involves the use of graphic language and the portrayal of parent-child relationships in the show.

What insights does Matt Roush provide about Yellowstone?

Matt Roush delves into the characters’ backgrounds and explains the relevance of their actions within the context of the series.

How has the Saved by the Bell reboot evolved in the second season?

The second season of the Saved by the Bell reboot has seen the integration of the original cast and the growth of their characters.

What does Matt Roush think about the Saved by the Bell reboot?

Matt Roush acknowledges the fans’ enjoyment of the show and highlights the importance of Easter Eggs and engaging plotlines.

Will the headless ghost in the TV show Ghosts have a bigger role in future episodes?

Matt Roush explains that Ghosts focuses on background ghosts, but there is potential for exploring their stories in future episodes.

How has The Blacklist returned to its roots?

Following a major character’s departure, The Blacklist has refocused on blacklist capers, which Matt Roush prefers over convoluted mythology.

What is unique about The Voice?

The Voice is known for having celebrity coaches guide the contestants, creating a distinct dynamic and adding to the show’s appeal.

Who could replace Abby on NCIS?

Matt Roush discusses options for Abby’s replacement on NCIS, including well-known actresses who could bring a distinctive identity to the character.

Why didn’t Sue Heck end up with Darrin on The Middle?

Matt Roush reflects on Sue Heck’s relationships and offers his perspective on the chemistry between the characters.

What is the decline in quality of Homeland?

Jeffrey expresses disappointment with the decline in quality of Homeland and cites Claire Danes’ character, Carrie Matheson, as the least interesting part of the show.

What challenges does Homeland face in its current season?

Fred points out the challenges faced by Homeland as it delves deeper into its conspiracy storyline, and Matt Roush reflects on the show’s ability to balance storytelling and viewer engagement.

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