5 Up and Coming Companies to Watch out For

As we enter another year, it’s good to take a look around and see what’s going on within our industry as well as other sectors. By getting an idea of what’s hot and “what’s not,” we can get a sense of what people are interested in and figure out how to apply that to our businesses.

Business owners can always use good resources and connect with some of the movers and shakers among the new companies that are emerging may help you to collect some new resources. Others may just be an interesting online shop that you can add to your collection that may help you to find that unique item that you are looking for. 

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5 Companies to Keep an Eye on For Annual Growth Over Growth

In this post, we will examine five new companies to keep your eye on in the months to come with a short description of each. Then you can be looking for them in the news!

MVMT Watches: New and Exciting Watches

The first company that caught our eye is MVMT Watches. They are a cool company that features new and exciting watches that will keep you in step and on time! 

Their site features several top new finds in the watch industry including:

  • The Denali for Men– The Denali for Men is a classy-looking timepiece that will get you noticed, as well as give you precision timing. It features a handsome black face and salmon-colored numbers and accents that give it a rich appearance.
  • The Rodeo for Women– The Rodeo for Ladies features a feminine-look white face and peach-colored band with matching hands. It is an analog watch that has a lot of class.
  • The Modern Sports Watch– They have several nice-looking sports watches available now as well. One is The Maverick, a nice gray watch with a bold appearance.

Many of this company’s watches have a minimalist look but come packed with many features. They have plenty of selections in the Mens, Womens, and Sports line so check them out as you read this post and you may find something interesting.

So if you are a minimalist millennialist or just a watch hound, this site is sure to have something to interest you.

Slack.com: A New Way for Businesses to Connect

Slack.com is a new business that focuses on creating creative teams. They are just getting started, but they promise to streamline the creative process by simply providing the information about your team members to integrate within their site.

Most interesting of all is that their pricing is extremely low for what they are offering. You can start with a basic package on the Basic level for free then move up as you grow your teams. The second tier is only $6.67 and offers more services such as universal app and service integrations and 10GB of storage space per team.

The top package is $12.50 and offers more features per month, and they are planning an “Enterprise” level soon. 

With the need for increased collaboration via mobile devices in the coming year and months, it’s a good site to bookmark for future reference when you need a simple tool to bring your team together.

Their name seems a bit on the sluggish end, but they seem to be anything but slack when it comes to delivering a nice-looking, functional platform that will allow you to bring your creative teams to one place to produce your projects.

Kabbage.com: A Banking and Loans Alternative

Kabbage.com has been around for awhile, but they are gaining attention and may come to the forefront more this year. They offer an alternative means to get funding for your startup business that doesn’t require traditional loans.

This is ideal for the new entrepreneur or business owner who has run out of options to get capital to grow their business. The process is very straightforward and fast (you can see it on their main site) and it works by granting you a large line of credit. You can get up to $100,000 in credit in 10 minutes. 

It may sound too good to be true, but it is true. They will advance you the credit then they will take the profits from your first earnings as you grow your business.

Shoptiques.com: Local Fashion Around the World

Shoptiques.com is a new online site that focuses on top-quality fashion. It also reminds you of a boutique type shop that you might find in another country such as France or Italy. There are pictures of the Eiffel Tower and other wonders of the world on the main page that remind you that they are all about high class.

They keep their site up well and keep it relevant to the season. Right now, they are featuring a boutique spotlight that features clothing from a South Carolina boutique. They create an entire image around their website that appeals to people who are looking for the best quality and something unique. It has a worldly appeal and seems to market to different people with various clothing tastes.

They will be an interesting site to follow this year as they grow their brand.

Contently.com: Platform for Advertisers and Writers

Contently.com has been around for around five years, but they are revamping their business model. When they first started, writers only put up their profiles to show off their skills. They uploaded articles so that prospective clients could hire them.

Now, the site is more slanted toward advertisers and companies, and their new video ad seems to point to the fact that they have become more of an online ad agency. They allow advertisers and writers to connect in a more efficient way that drives results for your business.

The site was moderately successful before, and some writers reported making a few hundred dollars per month. But with their upscale website and business model, they seem to be geared toward increasing their branding in the new year.

If you are a business in need of quality content, you may want to spend some time on their site to see what they can do for you. They offer a unique approach to getting content that features a complete system that promises to connect the best of freelancers with the best companies for a perfect working relationship.

Looking Ahead

These five businesses seem to have some good things planned for the new year of 2020 and beyond, and they are all worth watching. It is always fun to see what new business concept will emerge and take their dreams into the future with only a few resources.

It’s also great to be able to bookmark new sites like these to see if they, could be a resource to other business owners. By networking with the right people through social media and other methods, you may find a B2B partner who can make things happen for you, too in the new year.

None of us knows what the future holds, but these companies have things ready to meet the challenges of whatever it will bring. The look and feel of these fairly new ventures seem promising for them, and we wish them all the best of success in the years to come. 

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