where is harris faulkner fox news

Discover Where Harris Faulkner Fox News is Currently Located

Are you wondering where Harris Faulkner, the talented Fox News anchor, is currently located? Look no further! Harris Faulkner can be found at Fox News Channel (FNC), where she anchors two daily daytime programs – The Faulkner Focus and serves as the co-anchor of Outnumbered.

Since joining FNC in 2005, Harris Faulkner has become a prominent figure in the network’s programming, hosting numerous primetime specials and conducting high-profile interviews with notable figures such as Sen. John McCain and President Donald Trump. Her dedication to broadcast journalism has earned her multiple Emmy Awards.

Stay tuned to Fox News to catch Harris Faulkner in action as she delivers insightful news coverage and expert analysis on The Faulkner Focus and Outnumbered.

where is harris faulkner fox news

Key Takeaways:

  • Harris Faulkner is currently located at Fox News Channel (FNC), where she anchors two daily daytime programs.
  • She joined FNC in 2005 and has been a prominent figure in the network’s programming.
  • Harris Faulkner has hosted numerous primetime specials and has interviewed notable figures such as Sen. John McCain and President Donald Trump.
  • She is a highly respected anchor and has received multiple Emmy Awards for her work in broadcast journalism.
  • Don’t miss her on The Faulkner Focus and Outnumbered for insightful news coverage and expert analysis.

Harris Faulkner’s Career and Awards

Harris Faulkner has had a successful and illustrious career in broadcast journalism. Before joining Fox News, she worked as a correspondent on WNYW-TV’s A Current Affair and as a substitute host on The Nancy Grace Show on CNN’s Headline News. Faulkner has interviewed notable figures and covered significant global news events, including the Sandy Hook mass shooting and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Throughout her career, Faulkner’s exceptional work has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including six Emmy Awards. Her accolades include Best Newscaster and Best News Special, showcasing her talent and commitment to delivering high-quality journalism. Faulkner’s ability to engage with guests and navigate complex topics with ease has solidified her reputation as a trusted journalist.

Aside from her journalistic achievements, Faulkner is also an accomplished author. She has written the book “9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat’s Guide to Life and Success,” sharing her personal experiences and insights on achieving success and overcoming challenges.

Harris Faulkner’s Awards

Award Category
Emmy Awards Best Newscaster
Emmy Awards Best News Special
Emmy Awards Outstanding News Anchor
Emmy Awards Outstanding Investigative Journalism
Emmy Awards Outstanding Feature Story
Emmy Awards Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story

Faulkner’s talent, dedication, and commitment to delivering accurate and compelling news coverage have not only earned her numerous awards but have also contributed to her influential position in the world of broadcast journalism.

Harris Faulkner’s Current Programs

Harris Faulkner currently anchors two daily daytime programs on Fox News. She hosts The Faulkner Focus, which airs weekdays from 11AM-12PM/ET, and serves as the co-anchor of Outnumbered, which airs weekdays from 12-1PM/ET. These programs offer viewers a unique perspective on the latest news and provide insightful discussion and analysis. Faulkner’s engaging style and ability to navigate complex topics make her a trusted source of information.

the faulkner focus

“The Faulkner Focus is a platform where we dive deep into stories that matter to you and America – creating a place for real conversations,” Faulkner said. “Outnumbered is a dynamic show that brings together different voices and perspectives to provide a well-rounded view of the day’s news and issues.”

In The Faulkner Focus, Harris Faulkner covers a range of current events with a focus on issues that impact everyday Americans. With a variety of guests, she explores topics such as politics, business, and social issues, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the news. Similarly, on Outnumbered, Faulkner engages in lively discussions with a panel of diverse voices, offering viewers multiple perspectives on the day’s biggest stories.

Both programs showcase Harris Faulkner’s expertise as a journalist and her ability to connect with audiences. Through her current programs, she continues to deliver high-quality news coverage and thought-provoking discussions to viewers across the country.

Harris Faulkner’s Specials and Contributions

In addition to her regular programs, Harris Faulkner has hosted several primetime specials on Fox News. These specials have tackled important topics and provided valuable insights to viewers. One of her notable specials is America Together with Harris Faulkner, which debunked myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines. In this special, Faulkner interviewed experts and provided accurate information to help the audience make informed decisions about their health.

Another impactful special hosted by Faulkner is Harris Faulkner Presents: The Fight for America. This special focused on civil unrest and race relations in the United States, shedding light on important issues that have divided the nation. Through in-depth interviews, Faulkner explored different perspectives and fostered conversations about unity and understanding.

Table: Harris Faulkner’s Primetime Specials

Special Topic
America Together with Harris Faulkner Debunking COVID-19 vaccine myths
Harris Faulkner Presents: The Fight for America Civil unrest and race relations

Aside from her specials, Harris Faulkner has made significant contributions to Fox News’ coverage of major events. She moderated a virtual town hall with President Donald Trump, providing a platform for important discussions on national issues. Faulkner also played a key role in the network’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election, delivering news and analysis to millions of viewers.

Through her specials and contributions, Harris Faulkner has demonstrated her commitment to informing and engaging viewers on critical topics. Her dedication to journalism and her ability to tackle complex subjects with clarity and empathy have contributed to her reputation as an esteemed anchor.

Harris Faulkner’s Interviews and Global News Coverage

Harris Faulkner’s career in broadcast journalism has allowed her to conduct insightful interviews with a wide range of notable figures. From political leaders to Olympic athletes, Faulkner’s interviews offer unique perspectives on current events and important topics.

One of Faulkner’s memorable interviews was with Sen. John McCain, where they discussed the senator’s political career and his views on key issues. Faulkner’s engaging style and thoughtful questions brought out candid insights from McCain, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of his perspectives.

In addition to political figures, Faulkner has also interviewed influential individuals in the sports world. Her interview with Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas shed light on the athlete’s journey to success and the challenges she faced along the way. Faulkner’s ability to connect with her interviewees and ask thought-provoking questions allows her to delve into their personal experiences and provide a captivating interview.

As a journalist, Harris Faulkner has covered numerous global news events, delivering in-depth analysis and firsthand reporting. From the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the 2016 and 2020 Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Faulkner has been on the front lines, bringing the latest updates to viewers. Her dedication to providing accurate and reliable news coverage has solidified her reputation as a trusted journalist.

Notable Interviews Conducted by Harris Faulkner:

  • Sen. John McCain: A candid discussion on McCain’s political career and key issues.
  • Gabby Douglas: An inspiring conversation about the athlete’s journey to Olympic success.
  • President Donald Trump: Faulkner’s interview with the former president shed light on his policies and perspectives.
  • Cindy McCain: A heartfelt conversation about Cindy McCain’s advocacy work and personal experiences.

Global News Events Covered by Harris Faulkner:

  • The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks: Faulkner’s firsthand reporting provided crucial updates during this tragic event.
  • The 2016 and 2020 Republican and Democratic National Conventions: Faulkner’s analysis offered valuable insights into the political landscape.
  • The AIDS Crisis in South Africa: Faulkner’s coverage shed light on the impact of the crisis and the efforts to combat it.

harris faulkner interviews

By leveraging her platform and influence, Faulkner utilizes her voice to advocate for causes she believes in and to support organizations that are making a positive impact. Her philanthropic endeavors complement her journalistic work, showcasing her dedication to using her platform for the betterment of society.

Harris Faulkner’s Personal Life

In addition to her successful career in broadcast journalism, Harris Faulkner leads a fulfilling personal life. She is happily married to Tony Berlin, and together they have two beautiful daughters. The couple resides in New Jersey, where they have built a loving and supportive home environment for their family.

Faulkner’s ability to balance her professional commitments with her family life is a testament to her strength and determination. Despite the demands of her work at Fox News, she remains dedicated to spending quality time with her loved ones and creating lasting memories. Faulkner’s personal life serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing that it is possible to excel in both career and family.

Her strong bond with her husband and children is evident in the way she talks about them during interviews. Faulkner often expresses her gratitude for their unwavering support and understanding, which allows her to pursue her passion for journalism while also being present for her family.

Personal Details
Husband Tony Berlin
Children Two daughters
Residence New Jersey

Harris Faulkner’s Education and Background

Harris Faulkner’s journey in broadcast journalism is rooted in her strong educational background and unique upbringing as a military brat. She earned her B.A. in Mass Communications from The University of California at Santa Barbara, where she honed her skills and passion for storytelling. Faulkner’s education provided her with a solid foundation in journalism principles, preparing her for the impactful career that lay ahead.

As a military brat, Faulkner’s childhood was shaped by her father’s service as an Army pilot and his two tours of duty in Vietnam. This upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by military personnel and their families. It also fostered qualities such as resilience, adaptability, and a strong sense of duty, which she carries with her to this day.

Her experience as a military brat has undoubtedly influenced her approach to journalism, as she has been known to bring a unique perspective and understanding to her reporting. Faulkner’s ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and relate to the challenges they face has contributed to her success as a trusted and well-respected journalist.

Overall, Harris Faulkner’s education and background have played a crucial role in shaping her career. Her educational achievements and military upbringing have not only equipped her with the necessary skills and values but have also contributed to her empathetic and insightful reporting style.

Harris Faulkner’s Impact and Recognition

Harris Faulkner has left an indelible mark in the field of broadcast journalism, making a significant impact throughout her career. Her dedication and exceptional work have not gone unnoticed, earning her numerous accolades and recognition. She is a six-time Emmy Award winner, a testament to her outstanding contributions to the industry.

But Harris Faulkner’s impact goes beyond her awards. She has shattered barriers and paved the way for other journalists of color, breaking stereotypes and challenging the status quo. Her presence on Fox News represents a commitment to diversity and inclusivity in media, inspiring aspiring journalists from all backgrounds.

Harris Faulkner’s exceptional talent and professionalism have gained her recognition beyond the journalism industry. She has been named as one of WORTH Magazine’s “Groundbreakers” and has been featured in Variety’s New York Women’s Impact Report. These acknowledgments highlight her influence and the significant role she plays in shaping the media landscape.

With her unwavering commitment to delivering accurate news and engaging storytelling, Harris Faulkner continues to have a lasting impact on journalism. Her recognition and contributions speak volumes about her tremendous talent, dedication, and the respect she has garnered from her peers and audiences alike.


Where is Harris Faulkner currently located at Fox News Channel?

Harris Faulkner is currently located at Fox News Channel (FNC).

What programs does Harris Faulkner anchor on Fox News?

Harris Faulkner anchors two daily daytime programs on Fox News – The Faulkner Focus and serves as the co-anchor of Outnumbered.

What awards has Harris Faulkner received in her career?

Harris Faulkner has received multiple Emmy Awards for her work in broadcast journalism, including Best Newscaster and Best News Special.

What are the names of Harris Faulkner’s current programs?

Harris Faulkner hosts The Faulkner Focus and serves as the co-anchor of Outnumbered.

What notable specials has Harris Faulkner hosted on Fox News?

Harris Faulkner has hosted specials such as America Together with Harris Faulkner and Harris Faulkner Presents: The Fight for America.

Who are some notable figures that Harris Faulkner has interviewed?

Harris Faulkner has interviewed political leaders like Sen. John McCain and President Donald Trump, as well as Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas and Cindy McCain.

What philanthropic efforts is Harris Faulkner involved in?

Harris Faulkner is actively engaged with organizations such as the Green Beret Foundation, the Navy SEAL Foundation, and breast cancer research organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Avon Foundation for Women.

What is Harris Faulkner’s educational background?

Harris Faulkner graduated from The University of California at Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Mass Communications.

What impact has Harris Faulkner made in the field of broadcast journalism?

Harris Faulkner has made a significant impact in the field of broadcast journalism and has been recognized with multiple Emmy Awards. She has also been named as one of WORTH Magazine’s “Groundbreakers” and Variety’s New York Women’s Impact Report honorees.

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