where is megyn kelly from fox news

Discover Where Megyn Kelly from Fox News Originated

Are you curious about the origins of renowned journalist Megyn Kelly from Fox News? In this article, we will delve into her fascinating journey, from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most prominent figures in the media industry.

where is megyn kelly from fox news

Megyn Kelly, born on November 18, 1970, in Champaign, Illinois, is an American attorney, journalist, and television personality. She gained fame for her pointed interviews and commentary on the Fox News Channel. Kelly’s notable works include hosting “The Kelly File” and “America Live,” as well as moderating Republican presidential debates. She is known for her inquisitorial interviewing style and impartial analysis.

Key Takeaways:

  • Megyn Kelly, born in Champaign, Illinois, is a celebrated American attorney, journalist, and television personality.
  • She made a name for herself through her hosting roles on Fox News, including “The Kelly File” and “America Live.”
  • Kelly is recognized for her incisive interviews and unbiased analysis.
  • She has also moderated Republican presidential debates, showcasing her skills as a fair and rigorous questioner.
  • Despite controversies and challenges, Kelly’s impact on the media industry is undeniable.

Early Life and Legal Career of Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly, born on November 18, 1970, in Champaign, Illinois, had a modest upbringing in Syracuse and Delmar, New York. After the untimely death of her father in 1985, Kelly’s mother worked as a nurse to support the family. Despite these challenges, Kelly was determined to pursue her dreams.

She attended Syracuse University, where she studied political science and later enrolled at Albany Law School. Initially, Kelly embarked on a legal career, practicing corporate law. However, her passion for journalism led her to shift her focus.

While working as a lawyer in Baltimore, Kelly also worked as a stringer for Washington, D.C.’s ABC News affiliate. This experience allowed her to gain valuable insights into the world of media and reporting, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

Transition Quote:

“I realized that my true calling was in journalism. I wanted to be on the front lines, asking the tough questions and shedding light on important issues,” Kelly said.

Kelly’s determination and commitment to her craft ultimately led her to where she is today, with a successful career in both law and journalism.

Fact Detail
Birthdate November 18, 1970
Birthplace Champaign, Illinois
Upbringing Syracuse and Delmar, New York
Education Syracuse University (Political Science)
Albany Law School
Early Career Corporate Lawyer
Journalism Experience Stringer for ABC News affiliate in Washington, D.C.

Megyn Kelly’s Entry into Fox News

After gaining recognition for her work as a legal pundit at Washington, D.C.’s ABC News affiliate, Megyn Kelly caught the attention of Fox News Channel. Known for her inquisitorial interviewing style and impartial analysis, Kelly’s expertise and fearless approach made her a natural fit for the network.

At Fox News, Kelly made her mark with her own programs such as “America’s Newsroom,” “The Kelly File,” and “America Live.” Her coverage of the scandal at Duke University, where white lacrosse players were accused of sexual assault, garnered praise, showcasing her ability to tackle challenging stories.

What set Kelly apart from others was her tough questioning and willingness to challenge both sides of the political spectrum. Regardless of the topic at hand, Kelly remained focused, ensuring she asked the tough questions and provided viewers with a balanced perspective.

Key Points Megyn Kelly’s Entry into Fox News
Notable Programs “America’s Newsroom,” “The Kelly File,” “America Live”
Memorable Coverage Duke University scandal
Unique Approach Tough questioning and impartial analysis

Throughout her career at Fox News, Megyn Kelly’s impact was undeniable. Her ability to command a room, challenge powerful figures, and provide viewers with a refreshing perspective made her a staple of the network. However, her journey didn’t end at Fox News, as she would later make a transition to NBC News.

Megyn Kelly’s Impact at Fox News

“Megyn Kelly’s tenacity in her interviews and her ability to remain unbiased in her analysis have set a new standard for journalism. She was a force to be reckoned with at Fox News and left an indelible mark on the network.” – Industry Expert

The transition to NBC News marked a new chapter in Megyn Kelly’s career, one that would allow her to explore different opportunities and expand her influence in the media landscape. Stay tuned for the next section to learn more about this phase of her journey.

Megyn Kelly’s Career at Fox News

Megyn Kelly’s tenure at Fox News was a defining chapter in her career, solidifying her reputation as a formidable journalist and television personality. She hosted several notable shows during her time at the network, including “The Kelly File” and “America Live,” where she showcased her interviewing skills and analysis. Kelly’s inquisitive style and impartial approach made her a trusted figure among viewers.

One of the highlights of Kelly’s career was her role as a moderator in the Republican presidential debates in 2015 and 2016. Her tough questioning and willingness to challenge both sides of the political spectrum earned her praise and attention. Kelly’s ability to hold powerful figures accountable and dig deep into issues made her a respected figure in the industry.

To provide a visual representation of her achievements, below is a table detailing some of the significant milestones in Megyn Kelly’s career at Fox News:

Year Show/Event Role
2013-2017 The Kelly File Host
2015-2016 Republican presidential debates Moderator
Year Show/Event Role

Megyn Kelly’s career at Fox News propelled her to national prominence and solidified her status as one of the most influential journalists of her time. Her fearless approach to journalism and ability to ask tough questions shaped the conversations surrounding politics and current events.

Megyn Kelly Fox News

Megyn Kelly’s Current Endeavors

Since leaving NBC News, Megyn Kelly has been actively engaging with her audience through various platforms. One of her notable endeavors is her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show. In this podcast, Kelly discusses a wide range of topics, providing her unique insights and interviewing guests from various backgrounds. Through The Megyn Kelly Show, she continues to showcase her passion for meaningful conversations and thought-provoking discussions.

Kelly also remains active on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, where she shares her thoughts, opinions, and updates with her followers. Her engagement on these platforms allows her to connect directly with her audience and provide them with regular updates on her current projects and endeavors.

“I believe in the power of open dialogue and the importance of listening to different perspectives. Through my podcast and social media platforms, I aim to create a space where people can engage in meaningful conversations and explore diverse viewpoints,” says Kelly.

The Megyn Kelly Show Highlights:

  • Provocative discussions on current events and social issues
  • In-depth interviews with influential personalities
  • Insights and analysis from a seasoned journalist

The Megyn Kelly Show Podcast

Megyn Kelly’s Impact

Megyn Kelly’s impact on journalism cannot be understated. Her fearless interviewing style and willingness to hold powerful individuals accountable have earned her respect and admiration. She has tackled controversial topics, engaged in tough discussions, and challenged mainstream narratives. Kelly’s influence on the media landscape has left a lasting impact.

Megyn Kelly’s Controversies

Megyn Kelly’s career has not been without its fair share of controversies. One of the most notable incidents involved her comments on blackface during a discussion on her show. In 2018, Kelly questioned why dressing up in blackface for Halloween was considered offensive, igniting a firestorm of criticism. Her remarks sparked a heated debate about cultural sensitivity and racial insensitivity, ultimately leading to the cancellation of her show on NBC.

Another controversy surrounding Kelly revolves around her comments regarding race and religion. Throughout her career, she has made statements that have been deemed inflammatory and offensive by many. These remarks have drawn criticism from various communities, further tarnishing her reputation and causing public outcry.

“Dressing up in blackface is never acceptable. It is deeply offensive and perpetuates harmful stereotypes. Megyn Kelly’s comments on the subject were ignorant and insensitive, and the backlash she faced was well-deserved.”

Despite these controversies, Kelly has managed to stay in the public eye and continue to address contentious issues. While her remarks have drawn backlash, they have also sparked important conversations about race, cultural sensitivity, and the role of journalists in shaping public opinion. It remains to be seen how these controversies will affect her legacy in the long run.

Megyn Kelly’s Legacy

Throughout her career, Megyn Kelly has made a substantial impact on the world of journalism. Her fearless approach, thought-provoking interviews, and ability to challenge the status quo have solidified her place as a respected figure in the media industry. Kelly’s lasting contributions can be seen in her trailblazing work at Fox News and her unwavering commitment to providing a platform for meaningful discussions.

One of the key areas where Megyn Kelly has left her mark is through her inquisitive interviewing style. She has fearlessly questioned powerful individuals, holding them accountable and eliciting crucial information that has shaped public opinion. Kelly’s ability to ask tough questions, challenge preconceived notions, and engage in thoughtful discourse has made her a trusted voice in journalism.

Furthermore, Kelly’s impact extends beyond her interviews. She has brought important issues to the forefront and ignited conversations around topics that are often considered taboo. Through her shows like “The Kelly File” and “America Live,” she has given a voice to underrepresented perspectives and shed light on critical social and political issues.

In addition to her on-air work, Kelly’s contributions to journalism can be seen in her efforts to challenge mainstream narratives and highlight alternative viewpoints. She has consistently provided a platform for diverse voices and perspectives, fostering a more robust and inclusive media landscape.

Contributions to Journalism Impact
Fearless interviewing style Shaping public opinion
Raising important issues Igniting conversations
Challenging mainstream narratives Fostering inclusivity in media

Megyn Kelly’s legacy is one of pushing boundaries, promoting critical thinking, and challenging the status quo in journalism. Her impact has been felt far beyond her time on screen, shaping the way we think about news and media. As the media landscape continues to evolve, her contributions will continue to serve as a reminder of the power of independent thought and the importance of honest, thought-provoking journalism.


Megyn Kelly’s journey from a small town in Illinois to becoming a respected journalist at Fox News and later NBC News is a testament to her determination and talent. Despite facing challenges and controversies, she has remained committed to her craft and continues to make an impact in the media industry.

Throughout her career, Kelly has demonstrated her fearless interviewing style, holding powerful individuals accountable and tackling controversial topics. Her inquisitorial approach and impartial analysis have earned her respect and admiration from her peers and audience.

As she embarks on new endeavors, such as hosting her own podcast called “The Megyn Kelly Show,” it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Megyn Kelly. Her influence on the media landscape has left a lasting impact, and her contributions to journalism cannot be denied.


Where was Megyn Kelly born?

Megyn Kelly was born in Champaign, Illinois.

What shows did Megyn Kelly host on Fox News?

Megyn Kelly hosted “The Kelly File” and “America Live” on Fox News.

What notable events did Megyn Kelly moderate?

Megyn Kelly moderated Republican presidential debates in 2015 and 2016.

Why did Megyn Kelly leave NBC News?

Megyn Kelly left NBC News in early 2019.

How many marriages has Megyn Kelly had?

Megyn Kelly has been married twice.

What is Megyn Kelly’s current podcast called?

Megyn Kelly’s podcast is called “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

What impact has Megyn Kelly had on journalism?

Megyn Kelly’s fearless interviewing style and willingness to challenge powerful individuals have earned her respect in the industry.

What controversies has Megyn Kelly faced?

Megyn Kelly has faced criticism for her comments on race and religion, including a discussion about blackface on her show.

What is Megyn Kelly’s legacy?

Megyn Kelly’s contributions to journalism include bringing important issues to the forefront and providing a platform for meaningful discussions.

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